Turner's syndrome

what is Turner's syndrome?

Turner's syndrome is a chromosomal disorder in which a female is only born with one chromosome.

a brief summary

This condition occurs in 1 in 2,500 newborn girls in the US. Turner's syndrome has very little relevance to specific populations. There are not many public figures have Turner's Syndrome. Actress Linda Hunt, gymnast Missy Marlowe both have Turner's Syndrome.

What are the symptoms?

The mutation starts during fetal development. The symptoms include short stature, droopy eyelids, absence of menstruation. Women are typically born with two x chromosomes while women with Turner's Syndrome are born with 1. The body would function normally with 2.

what type of Mutation is it? is it inherited?

Turner's Syndrome is caused by nondisjunction. This is when a pair of sex chromosomes fail to separate. When the sperm with no X chromosome unites with a normal egg to form an embryo, that embryo will just have one X chromosome. As the cells divide the X chromosome will be missing from every part of the body. The abnormality is not inherited because women with the syndrome are sterile and cant have kids.

what are the treatments?

Most individuals require female hormone therapy to promote development of secondary sexual characteristics and menstruation. Experts recommend therapy at the start of puberty. Girls and women with Turner's Syndrome should be treated to protect their bones from osteoporosis. On the physical aspect of it you could get surgery to get rid of the webbing of the neck. Final adult height could be increased by growth hormones given to them during their childhood.