Tarheels Newsletter

March 8, 2016

Upcoming Dates/Events/Information

  • Permission forms and informational letters were sent home about the 7th Grade Carowinds field trip. This trip will not be until May 13th and the cost is $40.00 which can be paid in 2 installments if you would prefer. The first installment is already past due. The second installment is due on April 19th.
  • Report Card Covers need to be returned with a third signature. Please send in 2 stamps. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY. We will not be purchasing stamps. If you do not send in stamps, you will have to pick up the report card from school at the conclusion of the year.
  • Crawdad Reward Field Trip permission forms were sent home this week to qualifying students only. Please return this by April 15th with permission and $7.00. The trip will occur on April 20th. Lunch is included in the price of admission.
  • Math Remediation with Mrs. Pitts will be held every Monday from 3:10-4:00 beginning April 11th. Students must have a note and a ride home at 4:00. No late pick ups please!

Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week students in ELA finished their argumentative research papers, peer evaluated group members' performances and submitted their papers for grading. Students also received their first homework assignment for the nine weeks in the form of "BRAIN DRAIN". Brain Drains are a conglomeration of all the skills associated with this school year in ELA and previous years. This is an EOG review and skills review assignment that should target review and student's individual needs. We will be taking a skills test each week beginning next week after Brain Drain reviews in class. Please pay attention to my online calendar on my Web Page for due dates each week.

Students also will be taking their 4th quarter benchmark today and Monday.


Students are continuing their unit in geometry. They should've completed their take home test on Ch. 12 circles. This was given to them before the break and was graded either Wed. or Thursday of this week. We have begun our study of 3D figures. They have looked at what is a cross section of various prisms and 3D objects and the formulas for calculating volume of rectangular and triangular prisms. We will continue working in this chapter and explore cross sections of pyramids and how to calculate volume and surface area.

Social Studies

We have finally completed our exploration unit. Students have presented their explorer projects. We have seen how some of the explorers were contemporaries, even being second in command for each other to gain experience before their own maritime solos. Thursday and Friday saw us beginning colonization vocabulary. "A" day students will be quizzed on 1-11 on Wed (13th), "B day" students will be quizzed on Tues (12th) on 1-11. Words 12-22 will be "A" day on Fri (15th), and "B" day on Thurs (14th). We are also delving into the first English attempts at colonization with the two Raleigh colonies at Roanoke (Lane, and White/Lost), and why they were not successful. We will be continuing that topic this coming week as it will be woven in-between the vocabulary quizzes.


In Science this week, we reviewed Punnett Squares and we are learning how to analyze pedigree charts. Students should gain the ability to create a pedigree chart using the data provided about a trait being passed down through generations of a family. Students should be able to explain why offspring that result from sexual reproduction have greater variation than offspring that result form asexual reproduction.