Attendance and Punctuality

Absenteeism and tardiness represent a serious loss to student’s learning. When students are absent or late, their peers must adjust by covering group projects, arts ensembles that are depending on the student’s presence becomes difficult and imposes a hardship on the rest of the ensemble. It is important that students be at school at the appointed time every scheduled day. If at any time a student’s schedule is unclear, the student or guardian should ask a member of the school for clarification to explain it.

Edison recognizes that circumstances beyond a student’s control may cause the student to be late or absent from school. However, excessive absenteeism or tardiness in connection with scheduled school times will result in disciplinary action and state agency reporting.

Should a student be unable to report to school, his/her guardian must notify the school before the normal start time on each day of the absence, unless a student has been granted an authorized medical leave. Failure to properly notify the school may result in an unexcused absence. If a student is absent for three (3) consecutive school days, a statement from a physician may be required.

If a student fails to report to school for three (3) consecutive scheduled school days without notification (“no call, no show”), the student will be considered to have “abandoned” the school and therefore voluntarily resigned his/her position within the school and may be replaced with a student on the waiting list.

There are three (3) basic reasons for absences: Excused, Exempt, and Unexcused.Absence Classifications

Excused Absence

● Personal illness/injury. A parent must contact the school before 10:00 a.m. and submit documentation upon the child’s return. A formal signed statement from a medical service provider is required for each and every absence once your child accumulates more than five (5) absences during the school year.

● Medical, dental, counseling, and other select required appointments (formal documentation required).

● Death in the immediate family (formal documentation required)

● Major religious holidays (documentation required)

● Personal tragedy (with administrative approval)

Please note: Routine, non-emergency appointments (vaccinations, dental cleanings, etc.) should be arranged outside of school hours or during school breaks. If it is necessary for your child to miss school, she/he is expected to attend school both before and after the appointment.

Exempt Absence (formal documentation required):

● Participating in an election

● Duty as a page or honoree of the Indiana General Assembly

● Testifying in court under subpoena

Unexcused Absence

The broad definition of an unexcused absence is any absence not covered under the definition of excused or exempt absence.

Please note: Student absence due to prearranged family trips/vacations is considered unexcused.

Consequences of Absences

The School District and/or Indiana Law provides consequences for excessive student absences and tardiness. The list below is partial in nature:

● School detention

● Parent, student, teacher, administrator, attendance officer conferences

● Discipline referral on the district’s Six Step Discipline Plan

● Disqualification from select school programs or activities

● Academic failure

● Disqualification from student Indiana Work Permits and/or BMV Beginners Driver’s License ● District Adjudicator referral for building reassignment

● Sanctions by the Department of Family and Children Services

● Referral of parents to the Marion County Superior Court for Failure to Ensure charges and/or referral of students aged 12 and over to the Superior Court for truancy charges.


Tardiness is defined as arriving at class after the designated start time of 7:45 am. If your child is tardy for any reason, an adult must accompany the child to the school office and sign the child in at the office. Three unexcused tardies will result in a warning phone call. When a student accumulates five unexcused tardies without legal reason it will result in before or after school detention being assigned by the Principal.

Early Dismissal

Early dismissal is defined as leaving school prior to the daily dismissal time of 2:15 pm or 1:45 pm on Wednesdays, Parents/Guardians must sign a child out at the school office if leaving before scheduled dismissal. Adults will be required to present identification before a child will be released to them. Students will not be released to anyone other than the parent or guardian unless confirmation has been received from the parent/guardian prior to the release. Designated emergency contacts and those adults able to take your child from school should be listed on the school Emergency Form. Please do not pick students up early from school unless there is an emergency as early departures interrupt instruction for all children. Early departures may result in having disciplinary consequences for students. Excessive unexcused early releases will result in a warning phone call. When a student accumulates five early releases, without legal reason, during a single semester it will result in a before or after school detention assigned by the Principal.

Please Note: The above section regarding student attendance is a summary of expectations and related information. Please contact the building attendance officer (social worker) for greater details and clarifications.


Attending school regularly is essential for a child’s academic and social development. Parents/guardians are required by Indiana Law to ensure that their child attends school daily, for the entire schedule of activities. Once your child reaches 12 years of age, he/she shares legal responsibilities for school attendance.

Edison must maintain accurate records of the hours students are not at school. Unless a student is “exempt” from state provisions of public education policies, teachers are required to record arrival and departure times each day, as well as recording days where the student is not in attendance. Additionally, if any student leaves the premises (building and grounds) for any reason, he/she must record the time of departure and return in the front office computer system.

Parents and Teachers are responsible for making sure that time is recorded accurately. Accurate attendance records will ensure that students’ attendance will be reported promptly and correctly. If parents or teachers find any errors, they are to contact the school immediately at 317-226-4992. Falsifying doctor’s notes or parent’s signatures is prohibited and could subject the student involved to disciplinary action, up to and including reporting to the Department of Child Services, suspension or expulsion.