Degan Elementary Eagle Eye

October 11-15

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Avengers: Age of Degan--No Excuses!

I hope you have enjoyed your long weekend. I know mine was filled with my youngest child's band events, decorating for fall and switching out some planters with fall foliage. It was nice to feel that there was time just to slow down and soak in some special moments. Whether you took the weekend slow or crammed in as much as you could with an extra day, I hope it was everything you needed.

Thank you for such a powerful day of learning on Friday. I went into the day thinking it wasn't rather "plain", but I guess plain doesn't mean it can't be profound. Your conversations and insights into standards, writing, and cultural proficiency have been compelling, and I have enjoyed reading your reflections. If you have not completed your reflection google form yet, I have included the link below. For those of you in other locations, we missed you, and I hope your day was also beneficial.

I must give a huge shout out to our paras. They are the best of the best when it comes to making sure our "Degan Brand" is visible everywhere throughout the building. I come up with crazy ideas, and they make it happen. Making sure the message of "no excuses", grit, and growth mindset is constantly visible to our students is so important. This message wouldn't happen without them.

Hearing Dr. Rogers acknowledge Degan at the Central Zone Session was such a proud moment. I couldn't help but flashback to my first year and our conversations of standing out for the "right" reasons. I mentioned to Dennis that everyone else in the room probably had that "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" scene playing in their head when they heard Dr. Rogers mention Degan. He said, "Vanessa, it's their time to shine." He is right, and you deserve every moment of recognition you get.

Thank you for making such a huge impact on the district. I see your footprints everywhere. Your ability to implement the ideas of studying the standards and concepts such of poverty while developing a strong culture has been noticed. I hope you know this is because you are an incredible group of educators who have established a strong system. Not a perfect system, but one comfortable with getting better every day. It doesn't matter how great the ideas may be if they aren't implemented well. Kudos to you. Recognition well-deserved.

I don't know about you, but I am still soaring on the words of Dr. Berry, "Walk in your purpose and collide with destiny." It is easy to get lost in the busy, day to day, tasks, but those details are just things that may help or hinder us in achieving our purpose. They are not our purpose. I hope that while you know that there will always be tasks, that you are able to keep your eyes on your true purpose--our students. It is always people first.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Enjoy your day!


Parent Conferences Coming Soon!

Parent Conferences are just around the corner. This week, you will be getting copies of the Degan NEU Parent/Student Handbook and Three Way Pledge. This year, the pledge will be in place of what we have traditionally used with the Title I Compact. There is a loose copy that requires signatures and we will keep on file for audit purposes. There is also a copy of the agreement at the back of the NEU PS Handbook for parents to keep.

Below are some great links as you are planning for conferences. Given our work with student goal setting, I thought the one about student-led conferences was interesting. Please let Kyle or I know if you are needing one of us to attend one of your conferences.

Ruby Payne Rubric for Analyzing a Student's Resources (YOU NEED THIS FOR PLCS)

Week at a Glance

October 11th - No School/Fair Day

October 12th -PK PLC 8:30-11:30

October 13th - Staff Meeting

Sonic Fundraiser Night

October 14th - Think College Thursday--College Gear and Jeans/Flip Flops (Please advertise and encourage college shirts with students!

Data Meetings during Conferences

LHS Homecoming Parade

October 15th - Club Friday 3rd/1st

On Deck:


NEU Conference

K-2 Math Screening

Design Team Meeting

PTA Meeting/3rd Grade Performance

Early Release/Parent Conferences

1st 9 weeks Ends

1st 9 week Math CBA 3rd-5th

2nd 9 weeks begins

Red Ribbon Week

Staff Meeting

SOAR/Take Flight counts due

Mad Science Night

Club Friday 5th/Kinder

Daylight Savings Time Ends

Writing Initiative Day

5oth Day of School 50's Day

Mr. Bonner to Visit

Club Friday 4th/2nd

SOAR Ceremony

Career and College Readiness Week

Staff Meeting

Data Meetings during Conference

Design Team

Club Friday 3rd/1st

Bully Prevention Week

Fire Drill

Picture Retake


PTA Meeting/5th Grade Performance

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.