Convert Point Grades in Skyward

How to change point grades to weight properly in Skyward

If you use point values in your Skyward Gradebook YOU Must follow these steps to weight your grades properly

What are point grades?

If you enter grades in Skyward that are more or less than 100, they do NOT weight equally when SKYWARD calculates averages. Averages are based on total points possible in a category multiplied by the category weight (40% or 60%).


  • Grade value in Skyward 10, 12, 50 etc.
  • Anything but 100

Can I use point values in Skyward?

  • Yes and, depending on the scenario, (transferring from other programs), makes sense to streamline grading
  • However, you must take AN ADDITIONAL STEP when using point value assignments to make sure the point values will be weighted equally in the grading categories.

Watch the Video Below to See How to Easily Correct Point Values for Proper Weighting

Converting Points in Skyward to Weight out of 100

How do I make sure my point values are weighted correctly?

Assignment has 12 questions and the student got 8 correct. In Skyward it is recorded as 8, which means the student scored 8/12. If you view this as a percent, the system does not use the percent to calculate the average, you have to change it so it weights properly.

  • Click on the assignment that needs the adjustment in Skyward

  • Click EDIT

  • Do the math:

    • 100/total number of points and then round to the two decimal places

  • Enter that value in the WEIGHT MULTIPLIER FIELD

  • Example:

    • 100/12 = 8.33

  • Save! Done!

  • You will now see the point value equal 100 or very close to it
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