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Blessing from Israel

We would like to announce, that pr. Marco has returned from Israel, where he was designated by the church to take the prayer requests of Oceania and Asia.

He had the opportunity to touch the tomb of Jesus with his hands and also place them in the waters of the Jordan river and the sea of Galilee.

This Monday 6th of August, he would like to place his hands on everyone to determine a great blessing in all areas of their life.

If you and/or someone in your family, or a friend you know, is passing through problems in life; such as love life problems, family problems, health, financial and spiritual problems, don't miss this opportunity to receive the blessing from Israel.

Here are some photos from where prayers were made in Israel

Meeting Time

Blessing from Israel

Monday 6th of August 2012 at 7:15pm

Admission: Free

Any further information do not hesitate in contacting us.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The UCKG HelpCentre’s spiritual advice is to be seen as a complement to the scientifically proven treatment you may be receiving. The UCKG does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

P.S.- Please feel free to forward this email to a friend, family member or to someone that you care, to invite him/her to this special event.

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