The DeLaPaz Dazzler

March 24, 2016

Important Dates

May 3rd- MAP math test

May 10th- Field Trip

June 1st- Field Day

June 3rd- Last day of school

Weekly Updates

This week we studied a different culture through the story I Love Saturdays y domingos. The students compared and contrasted family members, worked on main idea and details, comparative adjectives, and homophones. The test scores this week were awesome! In science we finished our basic robot. Next week we will drive them and add them to save the animals. In writing we added to our poetry portfolio by writing two poems with a certain amount of syllables. It was a great week!




In art this week we are doing two things at once.The first thing we’re doing is we put our names in the middle and we draw four of our favorite things and then color them.The next thing we are doing is weaving and we just started and my pattern for my weaving is red, yellow, blue, and green and other people are doing different patterns and everybody is excited for the weaving.





In music this week we were learning about the instrument families. The first family we learned about was the strings, we watched a video about the strings. Then we got to play all of the string instruments besides the harp and the double base. The next day we learned about the brass family. Then we we played all of the brass instruments. The next day we watched a video about the woodwinds. Then we got to look at the woodwind instruments. We also learned about the reeds that get the sound started. For reeds there is a single reed and a double reed , the single reed just sits there and you blow into a mouthpiece but a double reed you put it of the instrument and blow into it instead of a mouthpiece. Then we learned about the percussion family. So this week we learned about the instrument families.

By: Aidan Larson


In P.E. (Physical Education) We are doing fitness testing. In fitness testing we do push-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, sit and stretch, and long jump. We also played a game called code cracker. We did our normal run on Monday, and on Tuesday we played dodgeball.

By: Madelyn Stien



This week in reading we are reading the story I love Saturdays y domingos.We learned a few words in a different language.The genre was Realistic Fiction.That was our genre of the week.We also had a Map test this week. By Anna

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

Math Delapaz

By: Kailyn

This week we are working on factors. Factors are the numbers that you multiply to make a different number. We also learned about prime numbers. Prime numbers are when the only factors are 1 and that number. We know that every number at least has 1 and that number but again if it only has 1 and that number it’s prime.

Thanks for reading this paragraph.

Math- Mrs. Busky

In Mrs. Busky’s Math class

In Mrs. Busky’s math class we talked about converting fractions into decimals and percents and talking about equivalent fractions like if it is ⅛ to find the decimal you do 1 divided by 8 to get 0.125 so you do 0.12 and you stop and round the five up to get 0.13 and you make it in the hundredths place so you can get percentage easier because percentage is out of 100 so the answer for percentage would be 13% or 12.5%. And you you can put the decimal in the thousandths place just you have to put a decimal in the percentage like 0.122 you would do 12.2% or you can just round the 2 up or down depending what number and for roundin you have to remember 4 or below you rounds down and 5 and higher you round up.


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This week in science we were building robots. They are like legos we got special books to build them. We got split up into groups of six to build them. There are four people in each group. I think it is hard to build the robot. We didn’t get the batteries yet that is what makes the robot work. That is what we did in Science this week by Ivie Aschenbrenner



In writing this week we discussed different types of adjectives and poems. The poems we did this week we're haiku and the who am I poem. Then we took the poems we did and but them on a google slideshow but we still have more poems to do. Also we learned about comparative and superlative adjectives. We did a couple sheets on them and practiced them a lot so we know what they mean and are. This week in writing was super fun and everyone learned a lot!

By: Ashley

Field Trip- May 10th

We will be going to the Volkening Heritage farm with four other classes. Field trip forms and money are due by 5/2.

Each class may bring 2 chaperones that will be in charge of a group of students. If you would like to go on the field trip please email me and I will put your name in the drawing. Thank you so much.

Recycling News

Thank you for sending in your plastic bags. Today was our final day for sending your plastic bags in. Conley collected over 41 pounds of plastic bags. Way to go Conley!!!

Over the past 8 months Conley has been recycling Entemann's muffin pouches, juice pouches, and squeezable fruit pouches. From all which we have recycled, we were able to do the following:

- Give 15 people a year supply of water from an underprivileged country

- Planted 13 trees in an American forest

- Adopted 5 acres of wildlife

- Remove 10,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere

- Donated $2,000 to Make-A-Wish Illinois

Way to GO Conley!!!! We will continue to recycle these products for 3 more weeks and then start again in August.

Music News from Mrs. Crowe

We are studying the Instruments of the Orchestra in music class! We read Mrs. Crowe's favorite story: The Remarkable Farkle McBride by John Lithgow. When we studied the string family the students got to try to play one of the string instruments! Ask your child which one they played!