My Life in Pink & Green

By: Lisa Greenwald

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This story takes place in a normal town in Conneticut. In the Old Mill Pharmacy where Lucy's grandmother and mother work. Lucy also helps around the pharmacy opening mail. Her grandfather used to own the Old Mill Pharmacy, before he passed away. Whem Lucy's grandfather owned the pharmacy, the business was a great sucess. Now it has very little costomers and not enough income to support Lucy and her family. Lucy also has to deal with crushes, family, business, and beauty. Lucy and her seventh grade friend, Sunny, join the Earth Club. While doing research, she stubbles upon a grant from the mayor to help a struggling busniess. Lucy thinks that applying for this grant could help the Old Mill Pharmacy. Claudia, Lucy's sister, is away at college at the time. They still keep in touch and Lucy had told Claudia about the grant. Claudia agreed that it would be a good idea. Although Claudia agreed with Lucy, her mom and grandmother didn't. Claudia helped Lucy with the grant. When they send it in, Lucy still had to think of more ideas that would help the pharmacy. When they local homecoming queen comes in for some tips on her hair, the business starts to take off more and more. It's still not enough to support Lucy and her family though. Lucy starts to do more and more to help the pharmacy. She made a relaxation room, started making brochures, and handing out flyers. She tried to convince her mom and grandma that the grant and what she was doing to help would work, but they stuck with their negitive thoughts. These poeple had come by recently talking about expanding the pharmacy, Lucy's mom and grandma didn't think it was a good idea so they rejected the offer. When Lucy relaized that it would help to expand, she called them back and told them that she wanted to have a meeting with them. Lucy also had to do her normal, job, opening the mail. She finds the result for the grant, and when she opened the letter, a rush of reilefe came over her. It had said that she won the grant. She was so excited to prove to her mom and grandma that she was right. She still had to figure out what she was going to name the Green Spa that she wanted to make. Lucy ended up naming the spa "Pink & Green" She didn't have much time for friends in this rush. While she was doign hair and makeup for the masqurade ball at her school, she realized that she liked her best friends brother, Yamir. Yamir invited Lucy to the movies by themselves and Yamir and Lucy held hands, which means that he likes her too,