Chpt. 19 Central and Eastern Europe

Alan Yeakey

The Czech Republic

Population Size: 10 Million

Type of Government: Communist

Velvet Revolution: A revolution of bloodshed

Bohemia: Western half of Czech Republic

Moravia: Eastern half of Czech Republic

Challenge the country faces: Ending air & Water pollution

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Independence: 1993

Population Size: 5 Million

Collective Farming: Workers were paid by the government and they shared the profits from their products

Challenge the country faces: Strain between Hungary & Slovakia, and problems with their economy

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Ethnic Group: Magyars

Type of Government: Communist

Size of the Country: Same size of Indiana

Country's Nickname: Breadbasket

Challenges: Converting from communist to free market.

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Population Size: Nearly 23 Million

Nicolae Ceasescu: Romania's first communist leader oversaw a Soviet-style industry
Economic Chaos: Nicolae was forced out of office and executed

American Soft Drink Maker: Spent $150 Million in Romania to build it's operations there

Multiplier effect and how it relates to Romania: 11 new jobs have been added to Romania's economy

Challenges: Romania still can't handle the new jobs

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Nickname: Garden of Eastern Europe

Type of government they had: Communist

Challenges: They need foreign currency

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Population: 3.5 Million

Nickname: Europe's hermit

Effect of Isolation: Left Albania on of the poorest nations in Europe

End of communism effect: Received billions of dollars from foreign nations & people who relocated to live in other countries

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Meaning of the name: The land of the southern Slavs

Effect of communism effect: Grew restless and Republicans went it poverty

Why the country broke apart: 1/2 grew restless, rich... 1/2 went into poverty

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Physical Geography: Rugged peaks of Montenegro & Fertile plains of the Danube valley in Siberia

Economic disaster: The breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars

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Population Size: 5 million people

Conflict between croats and serbs: They have 2 different religions

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Population Size: 2 million

Impact of Industry: Industrial development took place because, of it's solid industrial base

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Independence: 1991

Conflict among people: Complex mix of people. 6 ethnicity's

Resources: Minerals

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Tensions among Greece/Albania: Greece wanted to use Macedonia for their slav population, Albania had a conflict with their ethnic groups.
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