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education on bycicles/facts

About 300,000 kids go to the emergency room a year because of bicycle injuries. 10,000 kids' injuries are so bad it takes a couple days in the hospital to get better. Some injuries are so bad that some children die, usually because of head injuries. Every time you ride your bicycle, it should be for transportation, not playing around, and you should always wear a helmet. -Kids Health

How to prevent getting injured while riding a bicycle.

There are many ways to prevent getting injured while riding your bike, Wearing a helmet will help you not get head injuries if you fall off of your bicycle. Using ice will calm down inflammation. Lowering your seat and making sure that your cleats aren't pushed all the way forward towards the toe will help to even out what muscles you're using to pedal. Adjust your bicycle to fit. Make sure you watch out for road hazards like cars and wild animals. Check your bicycle and makes sure nothing is loose or missing so it doesn't cause you to fall. Avoid riding at night if you don't have a light source with you because you want to make sure you look out for yourself.


helmets help you protect your head from being damaged if/when you get in an accident.
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5 first-aid measures

-adhesive bandages.

-nostick pads

-pain relief tablets


-ice pack

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Article on Bicycle injuries

A teenage boy was struck by a car while he was on his bike on day. He was 13 years old. The victim is a Huntington Beach resident. The 13 year old boy went to Spring View Middle School. After the one car hit him another car struck him too. So he got hit by 2 cars in one accident. His parents rushed to the scene when they got notified. The hospital/nurses are worried if he will be able to breathe on his own soon.