Parent Summer Webinars

Instructions for conducting your Webinar

Accessing the webinar

About 15 minutes to the start of your webinar, please login to the webinar site.


Password: longhorns

Now that your are logged in...

The opening screen should show a list of "meetings". Most likely, your meeting is the first one listed. Click the link in Overview Window to connect to the webinar.

Webinar Window

At this point everything you will be doing will be in the Webinar window. Anyone else logged in can see what you are doing.

1. Test your microphone. Click on the microphone icon on the top.

2. Camera - if you want to use your camera test it. If not, hide the "Video Pod". Click on the drop down menu at the top of the pod.

3. Share My Screen - in the Share Pod, click share My Screen and select your presentation to share. Note: once you share, you no longer see the webinar screen. It might be helpful to have an extra device to see the webinar window and then have your presentation on your computer.

4. A minute or so before you plan to begin, click on "meeting" at the top and select "Record Meeting".

During the Webinar

1. Introduce yourself and your topic.

2. Encourage them to ask questions via the Chat window.

3. If possible, have another device or a partner who is watching the chat, etc.

4. Run your presentation.

5. Respond to any questions.

6. End the webinar.

After the Webinar

1. Stop recording - the button should be in the top right to end recording.

2. Go to the Meeting link and "End Meeting"

3. You can close all windows and go back to your regularly schedule life. :)