8th Grade Problem Based Learning

October Newsletter

The 4Cs of PBL

Collaboration--the ability to work together

Critical Thinking--the ability to think "outside the box"

Communication--the ability to discuss topics with peers and members of the community

Creativity--the ability to implement and design products based on their ideas

Problem 1

Our first major "problem" was how to make the front of our school more aesthetically pleasing to the students, staff, and community. Students researched plants and other schools, came up with a plan, drew the plans, and then presented their plans to the school board. We are currently working on improvements to the flower bed based on donations and the money they raised at the bake sale.

Problem 2

Our next problem is based on a building in the community. Keep posted for more details.


I expect students to follow our school's PBS expectations: be safe, respectful, and responsible.

Students will engage in hands-on activities that will involve the following skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Dixon Middle School's Mission:

We are

Dedicated to


Student Success

every day!

Dixon Dawg Pound Dixon R-1 After School Program

Who: All K-12 students in the district

Where: Available at all three buildings (Elementary, Middle School, and High School)

When: 6:55-7:55 a.m. and 3:05-5:05 p.m. on regular school days

Why: Tutoring and fun enrichment activities at all ability levels and interests

Cost: K-5th graders - $5.00 per month

6-12 graders - annual fee of $25.00

Please note: Annual fee can be paid in payments. Children who qualify for reduced lunch will be charged 50% of the fee. Children who qualify for free lunch will be able to attend at no cost.

Be sure to fill out an application and return it to the building your child attends.

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