Thinking Before Drinking

It May Just Save Your Life


Abusing Alcohol has many affects on the human body, including cancer. There are many different kinds of cancer, to be obtained by alcohol. For instance, there is cancer of the throat, tongue, esaphagus, and stomach. These can all be obtained, just because someone had 1 too many drinks.

Social Problems

Abusing alcohol may cause you to become sick, so you miss school or work, which can affect your entire life. if you miss work, you may get fired, or shcool, you may not get into a better college. Alcohol can also affect what you say, and even the choices you make, and make the people that you are close to, resent you. Alcohol can be a dangerous tool.

Physical Problems

Abusing alcohol can lead to problems all over your body. It can kill brain cells, that cannot be regrown. It can also kill healthy liver cells, and replace it with scar tissue (cirrhosis). vAlcohol can also lead to stomach irritation, or irritation of the small intestine. Even bleeding in the stomach can be caused.