stop dog fighting

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stop dog fighting

Dog fighting

this a problem that is growing in the US. but not just in the US it is everywhere lurking in the shadows. many of the dogs that are involved with dog fighting are scared for life. many are left to die.

dog fighting if mainly for gambling, some use it as a way of entertainment. but to gather we can stop this cruel animal abuse.

dogs are forced to fight to the death. if they are still alive,when they lose a battle they a beat and starved on top of other injuries.

some are even left to fend for themselves, to never have a true family. many dogs are born into this. starring as puppies and will never get to play fetch or go for a walk instead they get bruises and scars.

  1. why you should help?

  2. why its bad?

  3. how can we stop it

  4. how it would make the world a better place

  5. why its hurting dogs