Blissful Swish from the Past

At the Museum of Dated Arts

The Musuem offers musical accompanyment from people such as Bach, Handel and Mozart

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Germany.

He is most famous for writing complex and religious work for the organ and choir.

George Frederick Handel was also born in Germany.

He is most famous for writing Water Music for king Charles the I and other operas. His most celebrated work is The Messiah which is still sung at standard Christmas and Easter celebrations.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Europe.

He is most famous for writing operas, symphonies and moving religious music.

Peasant Life

At the museum we also offer factual information on the peasant life in that time period.

In the Western part of Europe, the peasants were more prosperous than the peasants of the East. In the East, the peasants stilled owed the lords and could be bought and sold with the land.

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Art Stlyes

Here in the exhibit we offer two different of styles of art - baroque and rococo.

The baroque style were huge paintings full of excitement that depicted horrific historical battles or the lives of saints.

The rococo style was personal, elegant and charming of noble people and charming rural settings surrounded by servants and pets.

Come visit this exhibit for a bliss from the past!