"YES WE CAN" - Barack Obama

By: Cinque Williams

Schools are gross.

West Haven students are paying way too much for lunch that aren't the best quality at all. Sometimes food is left over night and used again, instead of cooked freshly everyday.

November 28, 2014

Help us vote for better food products in our school. Better quality and a cheaper prices. Some kids don't have the money to eat food in our school at all. For far too long we've been forced to eat gross school lunches.

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Many students including myself are upset with the quality of our school lunches here in West Haven High School. Even bigger problem is some students can't pay $3.25 for lunch everyday or at all. We ask if we can have supporters come out to support our cause to have better school lunches with an more affordable price. We will have food, drinks, music etc.

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If you still have any questions about our purpose for better and more affordable school lunches, please contact us at these places of service down below. We appreciate your time and have a great day!