Morning Motivational Message!

Sidney Deener Elementary

Because YOU have the HEART for children!

Heart of Teacher

Week 3 Here We Go!

We have had a wonderful two weeks. As we begin to start week three, think positive! Remember your ONE WORD! We have a choice each and every day. Let's start Monday with #CelebrateMonday.


#CelebrateMonday- Emily Franks and David Montano ROCKED the morning meeting!

#CelebrateMonday- I didn't have to iron this morning!

#CelebrateMonday- Mr. Graham dismissed breakfast at first bell!

#CelebrateMonday- Ellie's brother and sister are visiting!

#CelebrateMonday- Karen got to see Ethan this weekend!

#CelebrateMonday- Dovie's hedges look beautiful!!!

Future Learning Spaces!


PTO Fundraiser

Today we will kick off our fall fundraiser. PTO is selling tumblers. If you haven't seen them, drop by the office. They are AWESOME! You will get packets today to send home to those students that have permission to sell. We will call you to the cafeteria before 1:30.

Dates to Remember:

PTO Back to School Carnival is Thursday from 5:00-7:00

Fall Pictures- September 24

Awards Assembly- September 25