Analysing teaser trailers

The Purge

We have also anaylsed the teaser trailer of 'The Purge', we believe that this trailer is a successful teaser trailer as it gives the audience a slight insight into the movie but does not give too much away. This trailer is effective because although it is short from the first shot it is clear what the film is about, the use of the short shots help add tension and make the trailer scarier as the audience only see small snippets of what happens, the music/sound effects also helps add tension as it reaches climaxes and the sound effects make it scarier.
The Purge: Anarchy - Teaser Trailer

Theatrical vs Teaser

There is a difference between a full theatrical trailer and a teaser trailer, the teaser trailer doesn't give as much away and it keeps the audience guessing more. From watching the scream 4 teaser trailer and the theatrical one, I have found out that the teaser trailer is more fast paced with more shots. The teaser trailer creates tension and builds up to a climax at the end. This is why we have changed to a teaser trailer as we have more shots so we can cut them down and create a faster pace.
Scream 4 Teaser Trailer