Micro-organisms in food productions

By Amelie Szczecinski

micro organisms

micro organisms are a bacteria which help to break down food and without them our world would be a dump.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is just normal cheese deprived from curdled milk that is until it undergoes fermentation but what is fermentation? Fermentation is a process in which an active and efficient cause causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances. After the fermentation is coagulation which is the process of forming semisolid lumps into a liquid. While the chose is undergoing the coagulation rennet is added which traps water molecules and creates curd. Then the cheese is left for months to grow bacteria and mould and get the cheese its blue appearance


Salami is at first a normal sausage but it is soon covered and put in fermentation. Fermentation is 38 to 40 hours in warm and humid conditions. After the fermentation the salami is taken to the drying fase which is for 7 days which ferments sugars into lactic acids and Bacteria protects the meat from micro organisms. After the drying fase the sausage undergoes a curing process where the bacteria fights off unwanted pathogens. Pathogens are any disease producing active and efficient cause especially a virus or bacteria. And then the sausage is matured over a long period of time to get salami


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