Curium (Cm)

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Need power and energy? Grab some curium and get running!

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The atomic number of curium is 96

Curium's atomic mass is 247

Part of the Actinide family

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A metal

Fun Facts!!

Can cause leukemia by accumulating in the bones destroying RBC formation.

Highly radioactive and toxic. This is what caused Curie's death.

Rare earth element only existing in deposits of uranium.

Gives power to space and medical equipment.

Half-life of 15,600,000 years. 163 days through alpha decay

3rd sythnetically produced transuranium element to be discovered.

96 Protons

151 neutrons

96 electrons

Melting point is 1340 Degrees Celcius

Boiling point is 3110 Degrees Celcius

Discovered by

Glenn T. Seaborg

Ralph A. James

Albert Ghiorso

Origin of Name

In honor of Pierre and Maria Curie
Sarah Smith