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May 2021

Joyce Valenza keynote speaker 2021

SC 2021 Keynote Speaker

RILINK is very pleased to announce Joyce Kasman Valenza, PhD and Associate Teaching Professor of Library and Information Science at Rutgers University, as our keynote speaker. Learn more about Joyce at

Watch for complete summer conference details in the June newsletter.

Librarian Named Finalist for 2022 STOY

Congratulations to Melanie Roy for being selected as one of four finalists for 2022 State Teacher of the Year (STOY). She is the School Library Media Specialist at Barrington Middle School.

Billing for Upcoming School Year

RILINK district billing will be sent out shortly to the billing contact for the district with copies to the librarians in the district. A breakdown by schools in the district and type of expenditure will also be provided. Database subscription renewals will also be sent either separately to the librarian at the subscribing school or as part of the district billing according to the invoices provided in this current year. Invoices will also be sent to the individual schools in RILINK. Please respond to if there are any changes or corrections needed for the items listed or the person listed as the contact on the invoice.

Billing includes Follett hosted annual maintenance plus participation in RILINK's OverDrive group, RISOCKS. Each district and school must complete and return the RISOCKS participation form at It is recommended that each district join as a whole, using the total enrollment for the district to determine the annual cost. Each school in the district will be subscribed to its own OverDrive Advantage account to make future purchases for the exclusive use of that school's teachers and students, and the district will have its own Advantage account to make OverDrive purchases for the district. Any amounts indicated for the one-time deposits for an Advantage account will be payable directly to OverDrive. If only some of the schools in the district are joining, an individual form must be submitted for each school that is joining, and the district will need to request a revised RILINK billing.

Please use the Authentication Options information sheet available at and consult with your Technology Director to determine the best means of authentication for your students and teachers. Indicate this option on the participation form.

May 17 Professional Learning Sessions

Registration is open for all sessions. Participants must register for the sessions and sign into the chat during the sessions to receive certificates of attendance.

8:30- 9:30

Summer Reading 2021

Help your students avoid the dreaded summer Slump. Catch up on the research, see what other schools are doing, learn about the summer reading programs at the public libraries, and explore some ways you can be part of it.

Presenter: Jackie Lamoureux, RILINK Member Services Librarian

Register at

10:00- 11:00

World Book Online Has Exciting Updates & Enhancements!

Join us to learn about exciting new updates in your World Book resources like Games in Student, timely new eBook titles, and more! We'll also cover new tips & tricks to help save you time! From new ways to use World Book for distance-learning to ready-made material to help spread the word about all of the great resources available - we have you covered.

Presenter: Megan Crowley, Director of Training, World Book

Register at

11:30- 12:30

Introduction to RISOCKS and SORA

RILINK is moving from BookLynx to OverDrive beginning in the 2021-22 school year. Learn more about RISOCKS, Rhode Island Shared OverDrive Collection for Kids and Schools, and SORA, the OverDrive app for K12 students at this session.

Presenter: Dorothy Frechette, RILINK Executive Director

Register at

RILINK Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Now Available on the RILINK Website

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Zoomulia May Sessions

All Zoomulia sessions run from 3:30PM- 4:30PM. While most sessions will have a theme, time will be left for general questions. Links to the meetings are sent to the RILINK list.

  • May 13 - Transition to OverDrive
  • May 27 - Transition to Follett hosted

Registration is not required for these Zoomulia sessions.

Library Manager & Discover Updates

  • Upload a custom image in Destiny Library Manager, and it now shows up in Destiny Discover. Learn more about this at
  • View images on Custom Image tab* that do not display in Destiny Discover so they can be easily identified and updated. Learn more at
  • Filter by Availability, Format, Search Type, and SubLocation in Destiny Discover app.

* To view the Custom Image tab, login as administrator and go to Catalog/Update Titles.

Quick Updates & Resources

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Check Out “Using CultureGrams Across the Curriculum”

Using CultureGrams Across the Curriculum: Building Bridges of Connection and Empathy