The Erie Canal

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Soar feet from traveling so far? Read to see how The Erie Canal can help!

The Erie Canal is a navigable water route from New York to the Great Lakes. It was bulit to transport bulked goods, animals, and people.Intead of traveling on foot over a long period of time the canal can transport your goods much more effeciently.
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Don't travel on foot and be weary, be smart and use the Erie!

The canal was completed in 1918. It is 12-14 feet deep and 120-200 feet wide. The canal is still used today, and it is a fast and easy way to transport all of your needed goods in big bulk that would take days to walk with.

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The canal decreased the cost of transportation by 95%.

The catagory of Erie Canal is transportation.

If you are intersted in purchasing this piece of property, please contact Hannah McLaren or Kolbi Yanzuk at the links below.