Internet Safety

How to be safe online!!!!!

What is Internet Safety???

Internet Safety is the security of people and their information when using the internet. The government is very concerned with the safety with children.

Facts about Internet Safety

1. 2 out of 5 missing children between 14-17 years old are missing due to internet activity.

2. 27% of of tween ages of 11-12 use a fake age.

3. 28% of tweens have contact with people they don't know.

4. Never write to someone who has made them feel uncomfortable.

5. Do not meet anyone you don't know without your parent's permission.

6. Keep the computer in a high-traffic area of your home.

7. Establish limits for which online sites that approve of.

8. Let your children surf the net and let them show you what they do online.

9. Just as you stay away from strangers on the street, be careful of strangers on the online.

10. There are websites of nets are adults only, if you find yourself in an adult only section, you should just exit and go on a "good kids place."

11. 16% of teens have email addresses, and social networking names that they don't want their parent's or guardians to know about.

12. 11% of teens report knowing how to turn off parental controls, which you can use to block certain types of web content.

13. 28% of teens have a stranger contact them threw an online channel.

14. 35% of tween ages of 11-12 use social networks. Many post personal information; some share their phone numbers and addresses.

15. Talk to your children to not respond to dangerous emails or other communications.

Internet Safety Video

Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)