Crosstimbers Ecoregion

By Gunther, Zach and Rajiv

Come on down to the Crosstimbers ecoregion in Texas!

We got plenty of open space to take up! Beautiful grassland will shock you! This land is also great for farming because of its massive amounts of open space and grassland. We recommend it if you are looking for somewhere to farm crops.

Animals Down here

Theres a wide variety of animals and insects down here! For one we got the prairie dog. This animal doesn't look like a dog, it actually looks more like a cat on its hind legs! Also a wide variety of insects down here! Don't be afraid to get stung by a bee or 2! Theres a whole lot of em' down here! All you insect lovers, come on down!

Bodies of Water

We got a few lakes down here with some fish swimming around. If you're a fisherman than this might be your place to go. Its not the best but its good for Casual fishing. Just don't swim in them. These lakes have lots of toxins carried through them that can hurt you. Don't drink it either. It may be freshwater but like i said before its filled with toxins that can kill you! Just be careful thats all.


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Examples Of Weathering, erosion and Depostition

Some of our greatest landforms here are made by these processes. Lots of the sediments you will see on the ground are likely from erosion. When it really gets cold, some of our rocks/boulders here will begin to crack because of weathering. Deposition has also sort of trashed it, but in a good way. Deposition has carried lots of sediments and left them throughout the region.