BCCA MESSENGER February 1, 2019

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Dear BCCA Families,

January was a busy month! We just got back from a trip to Bass Memorial Academy for the Education Fair. Our students placed well in a number of categories! We also went to Montgomery earlier in the month for a life changing experience. We learned about the Civil Rights movement and what a number of people had to go through due to the color of their skin.

As this month illustrates, life gets busy! In those times, it is easy to forget about relationships with others. It is even easy to forget about our relationship with God. In talking about a relationship with God, Big Cove teaches the kids to make sure to give God time. The only way to maintain your relationship with God is to spend time with Him. BCCA makes sure we give God time with a Bible class each day and a worship session every week when the entire school gets together. We sing and listen to a message from Pastor Walper or myself. In doing this, Big Cove ensures the students give time to God and maintain a healthy relationship with Him.

Give God time every day. We only have a limited amount of days before He comes! Spend time with Him now so you can spend time with Him in eternity!

BCCA Principal

Lucas Smith

Guess whose birthday is this month?

Don't forget to wish our Principal a Happy Birthday on February 7. Thank you for all you do for our children and school.
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Feb. 11 Garden Day

Feb. 18 President's Day Holiday

Feb. 25 - March 1 School Spirit Week

March 1-8 Spring Vacation

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Historical Civil Rights Field Trip in Montgomery, AL

The BCCA students had a great time during their Civil Rights field trip to Montgomery, AL. on Martin Luther King's birthday Jan. 15, 2019. Their historical walk began at the site where Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of a bus during the height of racial discrimination. In the distance the students could see the steps of the Capitol's building, along with the Court Square Fountain just a few blocks from the Alabama State Capitol. Prior to the fountain and cast iron décor, the base of the fountain served as a pit and was the central site of the largest slave trading market in Alabama. Immediately across from the fountain they saw the Winter building. From this building the telegraph directing Gen. Beauregard to fire the first shot on Fort Sumter was sent. From this historical center the students visited Dexter Church, where Martin Luther King preached the message of freedom. From the basement of the church the students were honored to be in the place where they planned the boycott of buses which changed history. The next historic place was MLK's home, where they saw and learned many facts about the house, and how a potential plot to bomb his house went amiss. Their learning experience ended at the Civil Rights Museum where there was lots of hands on learning. Whether it was participating in the Wall of Commitment to not be silent against intolerance, to the art reflecting the various images of that historic time. We are fortunate to have a school where the love of God is taught to all people regardless of race or color. Thank you Mr. Smith and Mr. Schmitt for planning this event.

Do not take revenge on others or continue to hate them, but love your neighbors as you love yourself. I am the Lord. (Leviticus 19:18)

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Gulf-States Conference Education Fair Finalist at Bass Memorial Academy

The students who made the trip down to Education Fair 2019 have recovered for the most part. We want to praise God for the safe trip, the fun time, and the learning along the way. Special thanks to Mr. Smith's wife Rebekah for helping us with our upper grade string art exhibits. We would like to share with you the all the talent and ribbons God blessed our students with:

BCCA Student Ribbons

Gulf-States Conference Education Fair

Bible Quest

First Place : Jordan Schmitt (Grade 7), Avryl Navarro (Grade 7), Brianna Gohn (Grade 6)


First Place : Joseph Schmitt (Grade 9), Jacob Gohn (Grade 8), Camille Myers (Grade 7)

Second Place : Avryl Navarro (Grade 7)

Third Place : Garren Lawler (Grade 7), Jordan Schmitt (Grade 7), Brianna (Grade 6), Dana (Grade 5)


First Place : Joseph Schmitt (Grade 9)


First Place : Jacob Gohn (8 Grade)

Second Place : Brianna Gohn (6 Grade)

Geography Bee Finalist

Jacob Gohn (Grade 8)

Brianna Gohn (Grade 6)

100th Day of School

BCCA celebrated the 100thday of school on Friday January 18. This is a fun day to celebrate that the school year is almost over. Students were to decorate a shirt with 100 on it or dress as if they were 100 years old. Third grader Frankie Osori gave us a good laugh with his white hair, beard, glasses and limping down the hallway. Each classroom had their own things to do like color sheets that had the 100 theme, number 25 Bible men, women, animals and food. Try it sometime for family worship. The 25 foods was challenging.

Grades 7-10 hid the numbers 1to 100 in the lunchroom for the K-6 to find in teams. Each group of teams had 10 minutes to find and mark off the numbers on a hundreds chart. They were not to let the other teams know what they found. The team that found the most numbers was Brianna and Isabella, coming in second was Josiah and Daniel. The other teams were busy playing a tally game. They were to roll a die and the other would make tally marks of the number rolled. The first team to 100 won a prize, everyone had a chance to win a pencil, book cover, eraser or notebook.

After each team had a chance to find the 100 numbers in the lunchroom, we had the task of taking the numbers down. We found all the numbers except number 45, we looked and looked but never found it in the lunch room. Later in the afternoon a student was reading with his feet propped up and on the bottom of his shoe was a white square of paper. Mrs. Daily asked the student to see what it was. It was the number square 45! We all laughed at how silly, that we found it, but on the bottom of a shoe!

A lunch treat provided by Mrs. Price was ice cream sandwiches.

Sherry Daily

Middle Grades Teacher

Box Tops Contest

Please support our Big Cove Christian Academy BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION labels contest, which ends Feb. 16. It's super easy to do! Every time you shop for products, please look to see if the label says "BOX TOP$ for EDUCATION".

Clip these labels off and place them in the container in your child's classroom box. Each BOX TOP is worth .10 cents! This can add up to a lot of money for the school, if each member will take part if this effort. Although the contest ends Feb. 16, this is something you can do all year round. The class that raises the most gets an ice cream party!

School Spirit Week

We are getting ready for Spirit week Feb 25- March 1. This week our students/families can show how much school spirit they have. More details are on the way on the specific themes for each day. Way to go BCCA!
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This month we learned about where bees live, how they make honey, and what equipment is needed to extract the honey. Everyone had a SWEET time eating the delicious samples.

Tearl King

Garden Coordinator

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