Changing Careers

Animal Groomer to Veterinarian

Considering a Change & Developing a Plan


- Determine why you want to change jobs, and if it is fixable.

* In this case, I really do like my job, but I want to go on to better things.

- Decide if you want to make a small change or a drastic one.

* In this case, I want to make a small one.

- If your change is going to be based on what you're already doing, narrow down your options.

* I could either be an animal caretaker/kennel keeper, veterinarian, or a vet tech.

- Make your final decision.

* I want to become a veterinarian.


- Determine if you have to go back to college.

* In this case, I would have to.

- Determine how long it would take to finish school and when you could begin your first job.

* I would need to earn our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), which takes 4 years to complete. After this, I would have to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE)

Making the Change & Beginning the Journey


- Finish College and pass the NAVLE.

* This would be four years later, and maybe a few more months depending on how long you take to actually go take your exam.

- Quit your current job, and explain that you found something new.

* I would want to make sure I did not trash talk the company I was working for, and tell them two weeks in advance.

The Journey:

- Begin enjoying your new life. You will feel accomplished and happier.


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