Secondary Update

Monday 8 December 2014

Thank you... everyone involved with Arts and Cultural Fest. Another massive effort at the end of a long term. Special mention for Nat K, Fiona, Dion, Dorothy and Terry for WIP Exhibition and Film Night and this week to Dionne, Matt, Sebastien for Ensemble Evening and Emily, Tina and crew for Vinegar Tom - hope there will be good support for both these events, this week. Claudia and Gill and Tanya for Friday's staff function. Great venue for a change and fabulous atmosphere created by all that were there. Check out Loretta's photos on the server. Lissie and all PP supervisors - products due today. A huge achievement for all involved. Kirsten, Dionne and Nat K for the Year 11 Christmas Social on Friday. Harriet, Kirsten and Nat K for everything that you have brought to DC in your time here. Incredible talent and commitment that will not be replaced easily - our kids were lucky to have had you here, as were we. On behalf of all staff, I wish you all the best for your 'next chapter', and hope that we may cross paths again. everyone for Term 1 - for all your work, passion and expertise. Plenty of exhaustion and fatigue about - I hope in some way offset by the great experiences and outcomes for kids that come as a result. I know we are scattering to all corners of the globe - safe travels, enjoy the break, families and time away from school. See you all in 3 weeks.

Last BUT not least.... If you haven't met Kirsten yet - hurry!!

Have a great week......