ORE Monday Notes

November 16-20


  • This Tuesday we will focus on Chapters 5 and 6 in Deliberate Optimism. As part of our time on Tuesday afternoon each group that is represented by SBLT will have time with their SBLT Representative to brainstorm ways to improve our school culture and foster strong staff relationships. Your SBLT Rep will then bring your ideas to the next SBLT meeting so that we can begin putting your ideas into action :)! As you read chapters 5 and 6 begin thinking to yourself about ideas you might share with your small group that you think would make our school an even better place to work! Also as part of our time on Tuesday I have partnered with our regional office to have their assistance in giving our staff a survey that will allow me an opportunity to reflect on my leadership style and my overall effectiveness as your principal. Many of you might be aware of these types of 360 surveys/feedback and what you will receive on Tuesday will be similar in nature. I am always wanting to grow and develop my own skillset and the survey results will share with me my own strengths and weaknesses to help me be the best I can be for our school. At this meeting you will be formally introduced to our new Regional Superintendent, Dr. Meg Sheehan. She will join us for our meeting and help us with the survey component :) It will be a great afternoon and I look forward to hearing great ideas from our entire team!
  • This week there are numerous meetings that will have members of our office staff and teaching staff out of the building at various times. On Tuesday, many members of our office staff will be at Laughlin in the morning for a School Marketing Conference; Wednesday Mr. Smith and I will be at the State Region 5 Ready Meeting in the morning hours; and then on Thursday our 2nd and 3rd grade teachers along with some members of the office staff will be at the district's Learning Conference.
  • On Friday of this week the PTO will treat the staff to a Thanksgiving Dessert Hospitality Bar. This will be set up during your lunch times and will be located in the main workroom adjacent to the Staff Lounge!
  • The PTO will host a Mother/Son Event this Friday night at Spare Time Bowling Center off of Guilford College Road.
  • To shorten Monday Notes and not be so redundant I am going to stop including the daily breakdown of items that are duplicated on our Master Calendar. I hope that this will make reading Monday Notes less time consuming. Please stay up to date with day to day events by making sure you have shared the SharePoint Calendar to your Outlook Calendar so that it is part of your normal Email and Calendar items in Outlook. If you need me to help you do this just ask me and I am happy to shoot down to your room to assist.


  • This week we welcome Mrs. Lauren Annas to Oak Ridge. Mrs. Annas will be our new 4th grade teacher! We are very happy that she is joining our school family. Please stop by the 4th grade hall to welcome her and spread some welcoming cheer her way!
  • Thanks to all our 3-5th grade teachers for their work on the Classroom Spelling Bees last week! Thanks also to Mrs. Street for all her help and support with this enrichment activity!
  • Family Reading night this past Thursday was a huge hit! Way to go - Mrs. Wallace! I think it was your biggest turnout yet! Everyone had smiles on their faces and enjoyed a night of Literacy activities! Mrs. April Hairston did a remarkable job sharing a story that she really made come to life! It was a wonderful night at ORE!
  • The Sunshine Team continues to spread warmth and boost morale throughout our building! We are so appreciative!!!