Garden Summer Care Instructions

Thanks for helping!

Here are the instructions for taking care of the garden. If all else fails call me at 619-3772 or

Equipment Location

-All the Equipment is located in the black and Yellow Rubbermaid

Step #1- Watering

-Check to see if the Garden needs watered, use your judgement

-Use the watering can and the water from the rain barrel first

-Hook up hose and either use the hand sprinkler or the other sprinkler that you can set up and rotate every 15 minutes

Step #2 Weed the garden

Raised Beds:

-Use the buckets and yellow hand weeders to weed the garden. Grass has been put down to keep moisture in and hold weeds down.

Native Plants/Butterfly garden:

-You should be able to tell if it is a weed or good plant, if unsure leave it be. I tried putting white markers by them but they have been overgrown

-Dump weeds in the woods out beyond the soccer fields

-Milkweed is NOT to be pulled (see picture below), it attracts butterflies

#3 Harvest/General maintenance...

-If Vegetables need harvested then either eat them on the spot, take them to the pantry (contact Deb Schneider at PACE office), or e-mail Caitlin Matthiesen our school foods coordinator to drop them off at the high school

-Tie up tomatoes and peppers to green stakes for support using the green tie-ups located in the rubbermaid