European Union


When did Greece join the EU? What is the capital and four major cities? What is the government like?

Greece joined the EU in 1975. It wasnt one of the founding countries.

The capital of Greece is Athens four major cities are Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Pátrai, West Greece, Piraeus, Attica, and Larissa, Thessaly

In Greece they have a Constitutional Republic. The money they used to use was called a Drachma.

History of Greece

Where is Greece located? What is the land like? Interesting facts?

Greece is located north of the Mediterranean Sea, east of Italy, and west of Turkey. Greece has many tourist attractions one is, Acropolis of Athens. It is an ancient citadel. Another place is Parthenon it was a temple for the goddess Athena. They also have physical features like the Mediterranean Sea, islands, and mountains.

Interesting facts

1. Approximately 16.5 million tourists visit Greece each year

2. Voting is required in Greece

3. 98% of the people in Greece are ethnic Greek