Julia Ford, Alpine Skier


This poster/flyer is an entry document for the "LSE" Newspaper about alpine skiing. This poster explains alpine skiing and how it came about. My main topic is specifically focused on one person from the alpine skiing Olympics. It tells about the downhill, slalom, Giant slalom, Super G, and Super combined skiers.

Julia's Message

This video gives a brief summary of Julia and her skiing life. & her love for skiing.
Julia's Message 2009.m4v

Career Highlights !

  • 2012, World Cup at Bad Kleinkichheim, Australia downhill
  • 2012, World Cup at St. Moritz, Switzerland super combined
  • 2012, U,S. downhill champion
  • 2011, U.S. downhill champion
  • 2010, World Cup at Lake Louise, Canada super G


This video is here to show you some of Julia's skills, and her time competing against other people.
Ford 21st in Lake Louise DH - US Ski Team


This video is going to show you the concept of what it looks like to go downhill when alpine skiing.
Svindal - Alpine Skiing - Men's Downhill - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Men's Giant Slalom

This video shows how fast a man can go when he is giant slalom skiing.
Sochi Olympics 2014 | Ted Ligety: Giant Slalom (GS) Skier's Unique Turning | The New York Times

Men's Super G skiing

Svindal - Alpine Skiing - Men's Super-G - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

News Articles

This article tells about the news of what's been happening with the Alpine Skiers currently.


This article gives tips about Alpine Skiing, and the courses. It also tells about the different qualities they have in different countries.


Fun Facts

This article tells you some fun facts about Alpine Skiing, things that might interest you. Things that might want you to try Alpine Skiing. http://www.beechmountainresort.com/media/news/67.html