Kim Noble

The mother with 20 personalities


  • Parents were factory workers
  • Born in the United Kingdom in 1960
  • Was physically abused as a child
  • Has overdosed on drugs and been placed in a mental institution
  • Diagnosed in 1995 with dissociative identity disorder
  • Published a book about her life called "All of Me: How I Learned to Live With the Many Personalities Sharing my Body"

Her Personalities

  • Julie; plowed a van into a bunch of parked cars
  • Goes through 4 or 5 personalities a day
  • Patricia is the most dominant; Patricia is calm and confident
  • Hayley; Involved in pedophile ring that led to the acid attack
  • Bonny; mother figure, reclusive, raised her daughter Amy
  • Bonny thought her daughter would be taken away by social services so she went into seclusion
  • Bonny recognizes Amy as her own, not belonging to any of the others
  • Ken; A gay man who is 21 years old, he is not aware that he is part of the multiple personalities
  • Ken thinks he sees a therapist to cope with his homosexuality
  • Ken sees himself as a man in the mirror
  • Salome; Devoutly religious, erratic, always angry and raging at someone
  • Salome can't sit still and talks about the 'good Catholic woman'
  • Dawn;believes it's 1997 and is frozen in time, calm
  • Dawn thinks she has a baby named Sky that was taken away at birth
  • Judy; Thinks she is overweight

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Do I Believe Her?

No, I think that Kim is faking the multiple personalities. They seem too over exaggerated and forced for me to believe that they are real. While she was Patricia and about to eat dinner, she was waiting for Judy to appear. She knew Judy would come out. I feel like if a person is aware of their personalities they would begin to heal because not knowing about them is what makes them dissociative.