All About Me


Hi my name is Daniel Im 10 years old. I was born in October 1, 2004. I live in a family of four wich is my mom,dad and brother. My hobbies are reading comic books/collecting comic books, learning about Greek gods and drawing. My friends are Andy, Daniel B., Tyler, Noah, Joey.

Friends, Family, Hobbies

Favorite Song

My favorite song would be Its Time by Imagine Dragons. Its my favorite song because it really speaks to me. Its meaning really speaks to a lot of people like this guy that had the same thing as Sam Bern's and he heard this song and inspired him to do a lot of things.


I love my family. My parents have always been so soporrtive with me and my brother. They also always care for us and help us if we're struggling with anything. They are also the best parents. If you are wondering why the picture is upside down it is the website.

Thank you Croatia

and Turkey, for watching this Smore