Anti-Reconstruction Poster

by: Abigail Joray

Redeemers or Democrats?

Personally I support the Democrats. The Democrats were people who opposed segregation and encouraged the business industry. I believe that we aloud not have slaves and should not be slaveholders. They are people to. It is like saying just because you have blonde hair that you can't sit with brunettes. The Redeemers is led by rich landowners and buisnessmen who didn't want any black activity surrounded by their white skin. I stick with the Democrats for their acknowledgement, beliefs, and their thought to save money and not to spend it.

Reconstruction and Carpetbaggers

Texas hated Carpetbaggers and Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers were people who moved from the North to the South after the Civil War in order to gain profit from their unstableness. Texas criticized these people because the Carpetbaggers were trying to take control and introduce new ideas by showing the pros of having slaves.

Democrats opposed the Radical Republicans and their new laws. They disagreed on the militia, state police, and taxes.Texans strongly hated how the other Confederate States were refusing to follow the 14th amendment, and how because of that Texas and the other southern states got put under military rule. Reconstruction was harsh on the South in many ways.