Policy & Procedures

Riverside County Professional Development 19-20

Teacher Site

  • Helpful links, sample emails, and quick reminders for common tasks including:

    • Getting Families Started

    • Compliance/LP Procedures

    • Servicing Families

    • Employment Resources

  • Team Resources: Contact Info, Field Trips/Events, Adjunct Duties

Parent Site

  • A guide for parents (and staff) with an abundance of information presented in a user friendly format

  • Updated consistently to have to most relevant information for our families

  • Great resource for our staff to use during meetings

  • Add to email signature

  • Team Bios will be updated soon


  • Handbook 2.8 (use this as your reference - please follow in the suggested order)

  • Three Types of Withdrawals - Informal “Non Enrollment”, Formal, Administrative.

  • Withdrawal Process is slightly different for TK-8 and HS

  • Documentation is very important please make notes in Contact Manager in real time.

  • Handy checklists available for your use.

  • Correspond with your RC to complete the process.

Virtual Meetings

  • Although it is highly encouraged to meet with our families in person, we can accomodate families who request to meet virtually!

  • Reasons for requesting virtual meetings:

    • Traveling for education (Roadschooling)

    • Military families being deployed temporarily away from HST’s area

    • chronic illness/ family emergency out of state

    • HST or family moved to a new county

    • Other extenuating circumstances (use your best judgment & reach out if you are uncomfortable!)

  • Family must maintain a permanent residence in a county we serve.

If a family wishes to request virtual meetings for every LP, they must complete a Virtual Meeting-Family Request Form online.

  • Meet in a virtual format that allows you to see and speak to them in real time. (Ex: Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime) & ask for both parent and children to be in attendance.

Each time you meet, please fill out a Virtual Meeting Record form and upload that into the Student Notes section of Pathways and make a note of it on your Roster Checklist.

If a family requests to meet virtually for one meeting, you do not need to have them complete the Virtual Meeting Family Request form. Just complete the Virtual Meeting Record form after your meeting and upload it to Student Notes in Pathways.

Roster Checklist & Teacher Folder

WHY do we use the roster checklist?

  • The roster checklist is your friend-We want this to be an easy way for you to track items that have been completed for your families.
  • Please reach out if you have an idea on ways to improve the checklist or items that you would like to be added.
  • Please feel free to make this your own by adding dates, notes, etc.. Please don't delete any items that are on the original.

How it will be checked?

  • Please have your checklist completed by the end of each LP.
  • Your RC will let you know how they will be checking your checklist.

Let’s take a look at the original Roster Checklist found in your Teacher Folder on the drive.

Roster Checklist

Let’s take a look at a

Teacher Folder

  • Please feel free to add additional folders that will help keep yourself organized.

Meeting Schedule

This is just a SAMPLE. Your meeting dates will be distributed by your RC.

Big picture

Meeting Info

Importance of Team Meetings:

  • A chance to see your team in person and build strong relationships

  • Receive current schoolwide updates

  • Safe place to ask questions

  • Great place to share ideas, success stories and struggles

Meeting Reminders

  • Please be on time and plan to stay for the duration of the meeting

  • No child care will be provided

  • Limit side conversations

  • Be supportive to other team members

  • Be open to share ideas and also share suggestions

  • Bring charged computers and only plan to use them at appropriate times. Please do not use the meeting time to work on emails or other work items

  • Keep a positive attitude

Adjunct Duties

  • Helps ensure all members of our team are active and involved

  • Helps build community

List of Adjunct Duties

  • Back to School Park Day: All teachers help with this event. Lead teacher(s) plan the time, location, activities, and may choose a theme (ie: circus, western, 80's). Once planned, lead may ask for help from teachers with activities and games, and food/drink items.

  • End of Year Event: Similar to Back to School Park Day; lead teacher plans the theme, location, and activities, and may ask for help with planned activities, food/drinks, and games.

  • Sunshine Committee: This adjunct duty has a lot of flexibility! Some teachers plan fun ice breakers or activities to play during RC meetings, some send birthday emails, some choose to collect money at the beginning of the year to purchase little birthday gifts or little teacher gifts for RC meetings (see examples below).

  • SBAC: Logistics: This teacher will find a testing location, assign teachers testing duties, organize testing materials, communicate testing updates to teams and families, ensure that everything runs smoothly during testing. Tech: this duty requires a large SUV or van to transport the chromebooks and cradle points to testing locations. This teacher will ensure that all chromebooks are fully charged, accounted for each day, and put away in correct boxes with correct chargers. Spirit: in charge of creating a fun, welcoming environment for students and parents. We are hopeful that there will be a budget for a parent coffee bar, snacks, and fun activities for the students.

  • PFT: Logistics: teacher is in charge of finding a location, organizing PFT paperwork and materials, communicating PFT news and updates with the team, and ensuring that the PFT runs smoothly. Spirit: in charge of creating a fun welcoming PFT environment for students, organizes fun PFT activities, organizes snacks/water for PFT.

  • Entrepreneur Fair: a fun event for students who like create, bake, and build! Teacher is in charge of finding a location that has enough space for students to sell their homemade items to other Inspire families. Teacher will organize the event (including set -up and take-down) and will communicate Entrepreneur Fair info with families and teachers.

  • Test Prep Party: Teacher is in charge of finding a location for the Test Prep Party (indoors is best), and organize test prep materials, food/beverages, and activities.

  • Prom (or Vendor Event for Hemet/Desert): Prom: teacher will help with prom (organize, set-up and take-down), and chaperone prom. Vendor Event: teacher is in charge of finding a location and contacting the local vendors in the area to attend and set up a booth or table to show their service/product. Teacher will organize the event and communicate info with Inspire teachers and families.

  • Service Week: a week to give back to your local community (hopefully based on a need the community has...food drive, clean up a park, etc). The organizer may want to get in touch with a church or community leader to select a community service and invite HSTs and Inspire families to help out.

Examples of Sunshine Commitee Gifts (optional):

Big picture


When requesting time off please make sure to complete the following steps:

Once you've completed the survey you will receive an email with instructions to follow prior to taking your time off. Remember to always find a buddy teacher to cover for you and help out your families as needed while you are out.


Distribution to Families at In-Person Meetings

August - September

Adding HST Contact Info

Prior to distributing the planners to their families, teachers are to add their contact information (full name, phone number and email address) to the Contact page of each student and parent planner in the “My Homeschool Teacher” box. We have provided mailing labels and a template that teacher can download and print out so they can easily print stickers with their contact info and place the stickers on the “My Homeschool Teacher” box.

Follow these steps to utilize the label template:

  • Go to bit.ly/plannerlabel to download the label template to your computer

  • Open the template in Microsoft Word

  • Add your contact information in

  • Font should be Century Gothic, size 10, black ink

  • Print it out on your label sheets

  • Place one label on the “My Homeschool Teacher” box found on the contact page in each of your student and parent planners

Distribution to Families

Teachers should give out the student and parent planners at their first in-person meeting with the families in August or September.

  • One planner per student (which corresponds to the student’s grade level)

  • One parent planner per family

The planners were printed before we switched to one universal calendar. Please notify the families to follow the dates for “Track A” in their planner, and to ignore “Track B” and “Track C.”

Self Portrait Handouts for August 6th Presentation

Below is a handout, as well as the Guide we will be referring to, and the Self-Portrait™ Discussion Chart, for those who would like to print out or follow along on their screens during the presentation.