Valentine's Day Speed Dating

Fall in love! (with a library book)

When? Friday, February 14; Where? The LOVEBRARY (Library)

Looking for you perfect match? Are you ready to meet the right one?

Well, this Friday you will have the chance to speed date lots of great books. The aim is to really get to know your date (book), before taking the next step and forming a 'committed relationship' (borrowing the book).

Procedure - 5 minutes per date (3 rounds of dating)

1: Making the first move (find a love table and look for your first date, from the books

on the table).

2: First impressions (examine your chosen book, its condition, the front and back

cover, the inside, font, illustrations, etc.)

3-5: Getting to know you (start reading your book in silence and decide if they are the

right one. If so, write your name on a note and stick it inside the book cover).

* Take it to the next level (after three rounds of speed dating, you can decide if you

want to go on a real date and borrow one of your books).

* Blind date (if you want to be daring, you can choose a blind date, but you must

borrow this book).

* Matchmaker (if you can't make a decision on your own, seek the advice of a library

love guru).

* Valentine's Day Treats (special prizes and treats available for those with no overdue

books/ dates).