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Brochure (Brandon Gore, Adam Berntson, Alexis Amato)

Knighthood, Chivalry/war (Q3 Brandon Gore)

3A. The role of the knight in feudal times.

-Protect the king/lord or baron etc.

-Protect the manor.

-Expand manors land.

-Fight for the king and support him.

Knighthood and Chivalry social obligations.

-Cowardly knights were a shame to the public.

-Chivalry is a set of ideas; knights fought for feudal lords, and lady.

-Protect others who can not protect themselves (widows, children and others)

-Vowed to guard and honor all fellow knights.

-Always respect the honour of women... (EX: Knights laid down there coats over puddles so women didn't get their feet wet.)

Steps to become a knight.

-Age 7 sent to castle of another land to play chess for fighting strategies for 7 years. (Page)

-At 14 they are a servant to a knight, they cared for armor, weapons, warhorse and they escorted knights to battle. (Squire)

-Knight at 21. (Knight)

3B. Limited constitutional monarchy.

-Started when King John raise taxes to all time high for his wars.

-English nobles forced King john to sign Magna Carta.

-Guaranteed certain basic political rights.

-Safeguard nobles feudal and limit kings powers.

-No taxation without representation.

-Jury trial.

-protection of law.

-Citizens argued certain laws and clauses applied to every citizen's.

Limited monarchy.

-King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta.

-Allowed for limited power to the king and more power to nobles like merchants or barons.

3C. Cause and effect of 100 years war.



-cost lives, property, money in france particularly

-raised power and prestige of french monarchs


-internal turmoil

-strengthen english parliament


-increase nationalism/patriotism


-The English king claimed France after the King of France died without a successor.


Feudalism and technology/weapons (Q1 Adam Berntson)


  • During the Middle Ages, feudalism was the law of the land.

  • It was the basis by which the upper nobility class maintained control over the lower classes.

  • The feudal system structered life because in the feudal system, status determined a persons prestige and power.

  • People were classified into three groups those who fought, nobles and knights, those who prayed, people of the church, and those who worked, peasants.


  • The manor was the kings estate

  • The manor system was the basic economic arrangement.

  • The manor system rested on a set of rights and obligations between a lord and his serfs.

  • The serf would work for the king and the king would give the surf housing and protection.

  • Peasant women shared the darm work with their husbands

  • All peasants, free or not, owed the lord certain duties.

  • Some of the duties they owed included at least a few days of labor a week and a certain portion of their grain

1C. Technology and strategy of feudal warfare.

  • Leather saddles and stirrups changed the way warfare was conducted in Europe during the 700's.

  • Both had been developed in asia around 200bc

  • A saddle kept a warrior firmly seated on a moving horse

  • Stirrups allowed you to ride and handle heavier weapons

  • To defend territories, feudal lords raised private armies of knights

  • English archers switched from cross-bow to long bow because the long bow could peirce the knights armour and had better range


The Catholic chruch and the crusades(Q2 Alexis Amato)

2A. The catholic church at this time had a major role towards the daily life for people, everyone wanted to go to heaven and everyone looked up to the church to do that. The king did lay investiture which meant he appointed church bishops.

2B. Social problems facing the church was that priests married and had families. religious problems facing the church was that some priests were nearly illiterate and couldn’t read their prayers. political problems facing the church was that bishops sold positions in the church which was called simony.

2C. Effect of the Crusades

Popes power decline

  • Kings become stronger

  • The power of feudal nobles weakened

  • Italian cities expand; become rich because many travel through area

  • Religious in tolerance grows

  • Muslims distrust christians

  • Trade increases between europe and middle east

  • Farmers switch from oxen to horses. More efficient

Cause of the Crusades

  • The muslims had power over the holy land the christians wanted it back



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