Week 3 Done!


This week in STEAM

This week we worked in our teams to create team banners and headbands, and then completed a series of survival challenges. Each class was assigned a particular biome (Chappas-Desert, Byrns-Tundra, Cordero- Forest) which all challenges were to be tailored to. Survival challenges included finding and filtering/desalinating a source of water, locating safe and unsafe foods, creating shelters, and using various signaling strategies to call for help. These challenges were recorded and are currently being edited into a final highly entertaining video we will share with you next week!

At the end of our week, we tested our knowledge with the 3-5th grade STEAM classes in the morning, and were lucky enough to be visited by interns from Boeing in the afternoon. The interns guided us through creating earthquake-safe shelters, parachutes, sundials, and solar ovens that cooked Smores. We then spent time meeting with various professionals in fields such as Neuroengineering, Atmospheric Science, and Mechanical Engineering.

Overall, we had a great third week, and are looking forward to our last and final week next week, where students will continue their survival challenges and videos, and will compete to be the "surviving" team!

*Reminder: Monday we will likely spend a lot of time outdoors. Remember to bring sun protection (hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen). A towel might also be nice to bring. See you Monday!