DMS Bands Weekly Newsletter

February 8-12

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All band students need to bring a binder to class daily!


Please follow your class's "At Home" Column on the School-based Weekly Agenda, join our virtual WebEx sessions (via Virtual Agenda link), and do the work in the quarantine make-up folder on Schoology. If you see a playing test, you can send a video to us via email or make that up when you come back to school.
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Virtual Schedule

All Virtual Students:

You will log on to WebEx during our class time daily. We will be taking attendance. The link for our WebEx room is at the bottom of your Weekly Agenda on Schoology.

Virtual Concert and Symphonic Band Class Time: 8:25-9:15

Virtual Beginner Band Class Time: 12:55-1:45

Check your agenda daily for any changes that may occur in the schedule.

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Pro Tip! Print out the school lunch calendar that you're already looking at and write down which days you are at school, and which days you are at home!

DMS Lunch Menu

School-Based kids: Use this calendar to write down your schedule for hybrid learning!

Grade Policy Reminder from the directors:

Mrs. Merritt and Ms. Patriquin are grading assignments once a week. If it is turned in past the due date, please expect a delay in grade posting.

We have been streamlining the way we grade as well! Once you submit an assignment, please double check to ensure your submission/link works. If it has been a week and your assignment has not yet been graded, check the "Grades" tab on Schoology to check for grade comments. We will try to leave feedback there as frequently as we can!

We have included the links for our class syllabi below, which now includes our late-work policy lined out for you. We also discussed it in each band class throughout the past week.

We also included a general idea of our cleaning procedures so that you may be encouraged that we are working diligently each day to keep your students (and our teachers) safe!

Thank you for your patience as we navigate how to create a worthwhile virtual/hybrid/in-person-but-only-part-of-the-band Band experience!

Have a great week!

Be sure to scroll to YOUR CLASS agenda!

Weekly Agendas

Click the button to proceed to the Weekly Agendas! Please read carefully at the top of the page to locate your class!

We are gearing up to have a fundraiser soon!

Geat ready for a DMS Band...

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Email us at if you would be willing to help us organize this event!

Your band directors love you!

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