Dangerous Places to Live

Clayton Haynie, Travon Fleshman, Tanyon Wyatt, Aaron Brooks

Four Dangerous Places

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful. Beautiful places can have deadly dangers. Some places are beautiful, but looks can be deceiving.There are many dangerous things that could happen to you when you go all over the world. There are volcanoes and earthquakes that are all caused by a thing called tectonic plate movement. There is a lot of movement under the ground causing earthquakes and volcanoes. Some are deadly and can cause millions of dollars in damage. The following places are some of the most dangerous in the world.

San Juan Puerto Rico

Why do people want to live here?

About 390,000 people live in San Juan, Puerto Rico. People like to live in San Juan because of the rainforest they have and also the beaches they have. They have all kinds of stuff at the beaches. A person can go swimming. People can also go jet skiing or can go surfing. There are a lot of historical sites to visit. People from the United States don’t have to have a passport to go there. U.S. citizens can get there very easily.

Tectonic Activity

Puerto Rico is located on the northwestern corner of the Caribbean Plate. The North American plate is being pushed under the Antilles Arc causing volcanoes. The North American Plate slides past the Caribbean Plate. North of Puerto Rico is the Puerto Rico Trench. The movement of the plates causes lots of earthquakes. The North American Plate is pushing down to the south and the Caribbean Plate is pushing down to the north. The plates collide and push under each other. This is a convergent subduction area. Deep sea trenches and volcanic mountains.

History and Future

Puerto Rico is one of the most dangerous places to live. It is dangerous because earthquakes and volcanoes happen all the time in Puerto Rico. It is also dangerous because of tsunamis. Earthquakes can set off a tsunami. During the earthquake of 1918, about 1800 people died from drowning. Another tsunami killed at least 91 people in Northwestern Puerto Rico. Tsunamis are very large waves and they can really destroy building’s. They also can wreck cars or anything that it is in their way. Four really strong earthquakes have affected Puerto Rico since the beginning of its colonization. The most recent one happened on October 11, 1918. The earthquake killed about 116 people and caused more than 4 million dollars of damage. If that earthquake happened today, more people would die because the area has a lot more people now. There would be a lot more property damage too. Scientist believe that a large earthquake is likely to happen in the area since there is so much plate movement all the time.
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Anchorage Alaska

Why people want to live there

The population in Anchorage, Alaska is about 290,000. People live here for many reasons. One reason people like to live in Alaska is because there is a lot of wildlife. A person can snowmobile and send jets of snow up to 3 feet in the air. Some people enjoy camping by the fire with animals wandering around in the woods. Other people enjoy hiking up in the glaciers. Alaska is a great place for hunting and fishing too.

Tectonic Activity

The Alaska area has more tectonic plate movement than any other area of the United States. Alaska is on the Pacific Plate. The plate slides past the southeast Alaska and collides with the North American Plate. The push at the boundaries causes lots of earthquakes. There is a convergent subduction zone between the North American Plate and Pacific Plate. It has created the Aleutian Island Volcanic Island Arc. There is also a transform boundary along southeast Alaska as the Pacific Plate slides against the North American Plate creating a fault.

Future and History

There are many reasons why Anchorage, Alaska is one of the most dangerous places to live.This place is dangerous because there is a high rate of death from earthquakes. One hundred thirty one people were killed in Anchorage, Alaska. Property damage covered about 130,000 square kilometers. In just four minutes of shaking, landslides and avalanches were triggered. There has been over 300 to 400 million dollars worth of damage. During the 1964 quake in Latouche Island, a six story building was completely wiped out in just minutes .

Los Angeles

Why do people want to live here

About 3,792,621 people live in Los Angeles. There are many reasons people want to live in Los Angeles. One reason they live there is because there is the Hollywood sign. One other reason is the Great outdoors for camping, Hiking, Biking, and sightseeing and getting together with friends and family. The third statement is the stars while walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame With the stars of famous peoples names in the stars.The beaches Are probably the most nicest sight you will probably find because there are people surfing and doing many other actives

Tectonic Activity

Los Angeles sits on a transform boundary when the plates move they are sliding past each other they are creating a long stream beds that have split in half and the two half's have move in two directions. Parts of California to the west of the fault is slowly moving north like the rest of California. Los Angeles won't crack and float away in the ocean as people think it will but it wont. In about ten million years the two cities will be side by side. There is many sliding plates which affects many of earths quarrels.

History and Future

There are many reasons why Los angeles is so dangerous. Each year the plate is moving 2.5 inches. There has been many earthquakes there is not many but there has been many good size ones that could kill someone. since 1769 there has been over forty major Earthquakes that have affected many people. The population is so high that when there is a major earthquake the population will drop when the major ones hit.

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Tokyo Japan

Why do people want to live here

There are about 13,230,000 people living in Tokyo, Japan. There are many reasons people like to live in Tokyo. One reason why people live in Tokyo is because it is clean. Japanese people tend to litter less to keep their city clean. They even carry their trash home and throw it away rather than tossing it on the street. There is a lot of public transportation available to see all of the different kinds of things like temples and shrines. A person can also see Mt. Fuji with their family or they will even allow people to climb Mt. Fuji.

Tectonic Activity

Tokyo is located on top of four large tectonic plates including the North American, Pacific, Eurasian, and Philippine plates. Movement from these plates causes deadly earthquakes. It is located along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Ninety percent of the world’s largest hit here. Tectonic activity has also created explosive volcanic. Japan Trench is convergent seduction zone where the Pacific Plates pushes under the North American plate.

History and Future

There are many reasons why Tokyo is one of the most dangerous places to live. Tokyo is very dangerous because the Pacific Plate is moving westward at 3.5 inches per year creating nine earthquakes with a magnitude or 7 or more since 1973. That’s not all; they also have a lot of tsunamis that are caused by earthquakes. The highest one was an 8.3 on the Richter scale. One year after the Kobe earthquakes which killed 6,300 people Tokyo faces an even greater disaster which could leave 60,000 dead cause staggering economics losses according to new studies. In the future Tokyo earthquake n there is little consensus and the impossibility of accurate earthquake predict in Kobe proved deadly. A 1972 study had predicted a tremor of magnitude of 7, but the city authorities chose to believe other reports.

Beautiful Places can be Dangerous

All these places look beautiful but there's a lot going on underneath the surface.Don't let these events keep you back from visiting, moving, or living here. There is not a lot of action felt on under your feet but there are plates rumbling under the surface. Major earthquakes are rare but they do happen .When the plates move dramatically, people will know because it will rock houses.. No matter what hits, all the places will be a beautiful place to be.


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