Principal's Weekly Newsletter


~ October 26th, 2020 ~

Letter from the Principal

Dear Celtic Families and Friends,

Thank you for your patience while we finished gathering pictures from last week.

The response to our Emergency Food Drive to help St. Vincent de Paul Service Center in Temple restock its food pantry which was devastated by a fire recently was a resounding success.

However many families have asked if they could still bring non-perishable food items and/or cash donations in support of this effort. We are therefore extending the drive through Thursday, October 29th.

While we are so grateful for all the food brought in last week, we invite all our families who needed the extra week to be a part of our Food Drive. Remember that in general, items are categorized by color to align with your student's Family. The Family that brings in the most wins a donut breakfast and a dress-down day. Items should roughly match the colors below either in content or by the color of the packaging:

Aidan: red

Columba: green

Finnian: blue

Killian: yellow

Thank you for your support and let's Wow! St. Vincent de Paul with our generosity!

In addition to our Food Drive, it seems our plate is always full! This past week HT celebrated its first Senior night of 2020-2021, performed its first Play of 2020-2021, grew our in-school attendance, and welcomed our 125th student! All this during a pandemic. Celtics you are awesome!

We continue to have zero transmission within our school - a testament to the success of our Masks-On policy. It may be annoying as all heck, and causes masknee (mask acne? - who knew!), but it's also how we get to continue to be an all In-Person school! Nevertheless, the world over, the statistics seem to be getting worse. So brace yourselves and really be diligent with your personal habits - we are in the sprint to the finish line: in school (masks, gobs of hand-sanitizer, and keeping your distance), and especially outside of school. So far all our cases have occurred outside of school. We prevent internal transmission thanks to our good practices. Keep it up! Keep the virus OUT. It can be done.

We pray for our school families that have been affected by Covid and are so thankful that so far, all those affected have had full recoveries.

It's worth saying again: We are blessed to belong to an amazing school family that has truly risen to the challenges imposed by Covid! The Faculty and Staff of HT thank our students, our parents, and our visitors for taking everyone's safety seriously and helping keep Holy Trinity safe.

As always, continue to wear your masks and to practice social distancing whether you're at school or out and about. We ask that you continue to hold our school, its families, its students and its staff in your prayers. We certainly hold you in ours!

~ Mrs. Brogan

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Wear your mask!

CDC information on Masks, Washing Hands, and Social Distancing.

Catholicism in the Time of Coronavirus - by Dr. Stephen Bullivant, with a Foreword by Bishop Robert Barron

impromptu volleyball game before the bell rang ~ with masks! if they can, we all can wear masks!

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October 18th - October 24th

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Sunday, October 25th:

Monday, October 26th - Blue on Campus

Tuesday, October 27th - One-Act District Competition - All students DL

  • Saint of the Day: Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza
  • HT is hosting One-Act District Competition. To facilitate this, ALL students will be DL.
  • Only Students competing in One-Act will be on campus.
  • Tuesday class schedule - Class periods 2, 4, 6, 8.
  • ONLINE synchronous school starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm.
  • Lunch at 12:19 - Log back in at 12:56
  • Uniform: regular uniform
  • Volleyball AWAY GAME vs. CTCS. JV: 5:30 - V: 6:30pm. Players should monitor their GroupMe for guidelines on when to meet for transport to the game.

Wednesday, October 28th - Gold on Campus

Thursday, October 29th - Gold on Campus

Friday, October 30th - Blue on campus - Costume Contest

  • Saint of the Day: Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
  • Friday Class Schedule - Class Periods: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  • Lunch at 11:58: Student Council Pizza ($1/slice) or BYO -
  • Costume Contest during lunch!
  • School starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:45
  • Uniform: Spirit wear or Halloween Costume (guidelines below)
  • Prayer Service: 9:09 am. Distance Learners Link here:
  • Football AWAY GAME vs. San Marcos Hill Country JV/V - 5:00 pm - players depart at 2:30 pm

Saturday, October 31st:

(*) Please see HTCHS Athletic Covid-19 protocols outlined below in this newsletter. The protocols can also be accessed on our website under the Athletics tab.




The virtue of Patriotism is aligned with the Cardinal virtue of Justice.


Paying due honor and respect to one’s country, with a willingness to serve


  • Showing respect for your country’s flag: saying the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Showing respect for symbols and people who represent your country
  • Learning about your country
  • Learning and singing patriotic songs
  • Visiting historic sites


  • I pledge allegiance to the flag…
  • Our country’s symbols have a lot of meaning.
  • I want to learn more about our country.
  • O say can you see. My country 'tis of thee.
  • We went on a field trip to learn more about our country.
Virtue of the Week - Patriotism


~ Last week at a glance ~

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We started the 2nd Quarter with a new student!

Welcome back to Holy Trinity, Gavin! Gavin is a junior and started at HT his freshman year. While he was not able to complete that first year at Holy Trinity, thankfully, circumstances have been such that Gavin was able to return to HT to finish high school. We're so glad you're back!
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On MOnday we launched our St. vincent de Paul family food drive

Below is what has been collected in each family so far.

We have until Thursday to ensure that each table overflows with gifts!

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If the deadline slipped by you last week, no worries: we've extended the Family Food Drive through this Thursday, Octobre 29th. Show your Family pride, and more importantly, help SVP rebuild their food pantry so they can continue to serve the disenfranchised in our community.
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Blue Mass day with Fr. Francisco

Fr. Francisco, from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, showed us the crucifix he carries on him: a crucifix which has been with him through difficult times. Recently Fr. Francisco was ill and as he lay suffering he held the crucifix and felt invited to unite his suffering to Christ. He experienced the humility of giving one's life completely over to Christ, to give his suffering, and through this act to give the suffering and troubles of all his parishioners to Christ. Fr. Francisco prays for the students, families, and staff of Holy Trinity and unites them to his prayers.
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Gold Day Mass with Fr. John

Fr. John from St. Luke's Parish celebrated Mass with us and addressed the issue of high expectations. He explained that much will be required from the person who is given much, but more will be required from the person who is entrusted with more.

He related that to the students by talking about how students may not like the teachers who demand a lot from their students. He reminded them that while they may be tough, they are really teaching them how to be great and encouraging them to succeed. The teachers are trying to get the students to perform to their fullest potential and to aim for heights that they might not even know they can achieve.

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Thank you to all who serve and who through their ministry enable us to celebrate Mass each week!

volleyball senior night!

The entire volleyball team, their coaches, and students and parents gathered in the gym after their decisive win against the Centex Chargers to recognize the graduating seniors on the team. We are so proud of them and thank them each for everything they've given to HT Athletics. Good luck seniors!

FIRST THE JV, THEN THE Varsity, won their games. Way to go Celtics!

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Then Volleyball Senior night began

Order of photos:

1. Cate Barkis

2. Caeleigh Salazar

3. Faithann Go

4. Chrysanthe Nikolaidis

5. Madison Hare

6. Ashley Turck

7. JV Coach Boone and Varsity Coach Jageler are recognized for their dedication to their athletes. Thank you both so much for everything you do to make HT Volleyball so successful!

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Congratulations to all our Seniors! Thank you for your dedication to HT Volleyball!


Our students show their reverence for Jesus fully present in the holy Eucharist during Friday's Adoration in the Holy Trinity gymnasium.
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drama performance at HT Saturday 10/24 and Sunday 10/25

The Drama Class put on a One-Act comedy: "The Internet is Distract... Oh Look! A Kitten!, by Ian McWethy. We all laughed and recognized ourselves as the characters struggled against the distractions available on the internet.

The Theatre Troupe performed their One-Act play, Cagebirds, by David Compton. They will perform this play at the TAPPS All-District Competition hosted by HT on Tuesday, Oct. 27th. Good luck Celtics!


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The TAPPS All-District Competition will be hosted at HT. This is a chance for HT to showcase it's amazing Unit Set purchased last year thanks to generous donations from friends of HT Theater and funds from the Advancing our Mission Grant from the Diocese of Austin.

The first skill the actors are graded on at the competition is the timed set-up of the stage and the décor. They must do it in under 7 minutes. Ms. Snyder hit the timer, and they were off! The troupe had the whole stage set up in under 4 minutes. It was so cool to watch!

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congratulations Ms. Snyder and all the actors, and good luck on Tuesday!



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congrtulations to Faithann Go!

She has been accepted to the University of Dallas and offered the President's Scholarship of $27,000 per year totaling $108,000 for four years.

Congratulations to Volodymyr Ploskanych!

Congratulations to Volodymyr Ploskanych. He has been accepted to the University of Texas at Dallas.

Congratulations to Jencie Tomasek!

Congratulations to Jencie Tomasek. She has been accepted to Abilene Christian University and offered the A.B. Berrit Award for Academic Excellence for $16,000 for one year and $64,000 for four years.
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Take the Fear Out of FASFA - Free Webinar

If you have not completed your FAFSA and are not sure what you need to do, you might want to register for the virtual zoom event on Thursday, October 29 offered by Stony Brook University. You do not need to be applying to Stony Brook to attend the zoom event.

Click on the link below for information about the webinar.

RSVP for Real Talk: Ivy League Edition

If you would like to find out more about applying to an Ivy League University, see email below and register for the online event occuring this Wednesday, October 28, at 6 p.m. CT.

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet

Click below to access the Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar for High School Seniors. The booklet contains information about all the colleges in Texas with application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, admission tips, and various other information.

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet



HALLOWEEN costume guidelines ~ lunchtime costume competition

We recognize that Halloween is a fun day to dress up in costumes, so we will allow students to wear costumes on Halloween day as long as they follow the rules and guidelines outlined below. Students can dress in costume for Friday, October 30th. Students will be judged during lunch for the best costume. One boy and one girl from each grade will receive a prize, and a group with the best "theme" or "group" costume will also receive a prize. If you choose NOT to come to school in costume you MUST come in Holy Trinity Spirit Wear or Uniform.

The following rules and guidelines apply:

  • Shorts are only allowed if they are no shorter than 3¼ inches above the knee. No short shorts with tights or leggings underneath are allowed.
  • No tank tops, sleeveless tops, bare/exposed shoulders or otherwise revealing or sexually suggestive costumes (French maids, bathing suits, etc.) Absolutely no cleavage is allowed.
  • Any clothing that reveals any part of the midriff when arms are raised may not be worn.
  • Sleepwear of any sort may not be worn (this includes pajamas, “onesies,” sleep/yoga pants, leggings, etc.)
  • Costumes may not be demeaning to any ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, persons with disabilities, or individual (staff or student) at the school.
  • Girls may not dress as boys and boys may not dress as girls.
  • No weapons, toy weapons, or props replicating weapons are to be brought to the school
  • Costumes must not impair a student’s vision or movement.
  • Costumes may not show obscene materials, prohibited substances, or promote any other message/company/etc. that is not in line with the Christian values of Holy Trinity (i.e. the Playboy bunny logo, etc.).
  • No live animals.
  • Appropriateness of costume will be up to the principal's discretion--if you're not sure, bring spirit wear to change into
  • Masks must be worn with your costumes.

All other rules/guidelines from the Student Handbook apply. Students not dressed for Halloween must wear Spirit Wear or their Uniform. If you have questions or concerns, either wear something else or bring a change of clothes! Questions may be directed to Mrs. Brogan or Mrs. Mungia.

See you all on Friday!

Halloween 2019! Looking forward to Halloween 2020!

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TAPPS One-Act All-District Competition at HT - Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 - all day

TAPPS Competition details:

6 schools competing

Tech - Monday Oct. 26th

Performance/Competition - Tuesday Oct. 27th

Join the Spirit Squad!

Spirit Squad president Abby C. (C' of '23) invites students interested in creating a spirit filled atmosphere at HT to join the Squad. They help plan fun events for all of HT, and create awesome banners and posters to hang around the school ahead of school events. Show your school spirit by coming out to help. We need all the Spirit we can to show Covid we're stronger than it! Information at the front counter.


Holy Trinity is partnering with Home Town Ticketing to make tickets available for pre-purchase via our Online Ticket link. Find the link at the top of our Homepage, or on our Athletics page.

Support Holy Trinity and purchase tickets ahead of a game. We'll be able to scan your ticket directly from your smart phone. See you at the game!

Protocols for athletic games

Please be aware that our Athletic Director, Coach Shelton, is working hard to keep all our athletes and supporters safe during home and away games. Attached are protocols that he is enforcing for our HOME Football games, and for our HOME Volleball games.

If you are planning on attending any of our games, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with our protocols so that you know what to expect when you attend a game.

Please note that likewise, games held 'away' will be subject to similar protocols that we, as guests of the hosting school, will require our athletes, coaches, and attending parents to respect and adhere to. The Holy Trinity Home Game Protocols are posted on our website and you can access them by clicking on the links below.







If you know your child will be absent for any reason please be sure you notify Mrs. Mungia ( She is your primary contact for anything related to Attendance. You may email her about an absence and this will work as notification.

Likewise, if your child is unable to connect to their class for any reason, please let Mrs. Mungia know so she can notify the teachers. Your email serves as a time-stamp re: notification and she will log your email in her Attendance correspondence.

Snack Bar cards now available

You can purchase a Snack Bar card for your student. They're $20 each and are kept at the snack bar. Students can walk up to the snackbar and get a drink or snack and it's deducted on the card. They don't have to worry about forgetting to have $$ in their pockets.

Contact Mrs. Mungia to purchase one. They are added to your FACTS payment.

NB: You cannot buy Friday pizza with the card - for that you do need to have dollar bills in your pocket.

Walden Library info

Librarian Hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 100 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Self-Check-Out Log: Self-checkout clipboard on the front desk. When Mrs. Ciupek is in the Library, she will provide “auto-scan” services.

• In-Library Policy: max 5 students in the Library at any one time, and social distancing.

All-Distance Students (non-campus): DL students may select books or other items directly from the library catalogue:

For more information, contact Mrs. Ciupek at


In the Community

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A saint for the new millenial?

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