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Week of March 13th

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Hello Panther Nation!

You can tell it is spring at a high school campus when you look at your calendar and see something every single day of the week for student activities! Just this week we had 2 golf tournaments, 2 softball games, hosted a tennis tournament, FFA students were in Houston/Karnes City/Stephenville, baseball hosted a tournament, NHS had service projects at both the middle school and elementary school, band had a contest in Fredricksburg, and boys powerlifting went to regionals in West, TX. There are many things going on this spring and our students are representing Blanco High School really well!

This next week is spring break and a chance for both our students and staff to step away, breathe a little, and enjoy some time with family and friends. I want to encourage everyone to have a great break but also to be careful while traveling.

This year's STAAR EOC test will essentially be a completely different test than our students have seen before. The material on the test has not changed but the way the test looks and the style of questions on the test has changed. It will continue to be a completely online test and this isn't new to our students as we have made this transition prior to this year but this is the first time it has been required of all schools. Because of these changes, there will be a delay in when we get scores for our students. Our teachers are working with our students and having them do practice exams and practice questions during the test as the state has released some examples and practice questions but we want to make sure everyone

The dates for our exams are:

Tuesday, April 18th - English 1 EOC

Thursday, April 20th and Friday, April 21st - English 1 EOC Makeup Testing

Wednesday, April 26th - English 2 EOC

Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th - English 2 EOC Makeup Testing

Tuesday, May 2nd - Algebra 1 EOC

Wednesday, May 3rd - Biology EOC

Thursday, May 4th - US History EOC

Friday, May 5th - EOC Makeup Testing

You can help us and help your student by ensuring they get a good night of rest the night before and also help them get a good breakfast on the day of. We want to ensure they have every chance to shine like they can on these exams! Thanks!

Student Transcripts

All transcripts are ready if the students would like to see them or need them. There is a QR code the student will scan and it will direct them to a Google Form to fill out and then we will call them to the office to pick them up. This saves the front office ladies from constantly having people come in and request and it gives us a way to track who has and hasn't picked theirs up.

Thank you for your patience in getting those done and done right. If you think there is a mistake on your student's transcript, please have them come to the office and we will sit down and go over it with them.

Loss of Credit due to Hours Owed

We will be communicating with students and parents about students who owe hours from last semester. We will be withholding credit for these courses till the hours are made up. Hours can be made up either through Saturday School sessions or coming early/staying late with teachers. Once you have heard from either Mr. Drinkwater or I, and you have some questions, please let me know.

Prom Dates and Location

Date: April 15th

Time: 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Location: Buggy Barn Event Center, Blanco, TX

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind:


We still have students who owe hours from last semester. We have noted their transcripts and they are missing the credits for the classes that they have excessive absences in. See the information below on how to make up the hours they owe either from last semester or this current semester.

If your child has a fever, please keep them at home. If you need to schedule a doctor's visit (dentist, eye, health, etc..) and you can make it for after 9:30 a.m., that would be GREAT! Our official attendance time is 9:00 a.m. each day so if your student is late or absent, they will not count towards our ADA (Average Daily Attendance).

If your child misses any single class more than 9 times, they will start to accumulate "hours owed" for that class. If they finish the semester owing hours, we will be withholding the credit for that class on their transcript until they make up the hours. More on make up hours below...

Makeup Hours

We have contacted all students and all parents of students who owe hours from the Fall Semester. Please remember we are not awarding credit for any classes that they have missed more than 9 times for inexcusable reasons. They are able to make up hours with teachers before/after school or during scheduled Saturday School sessions.

If you have any questions about hours, attendance, etc...please reach out to me, Mr. Drinkwater, or Ms. Staas. We will be happy to clarify and answer anything you

Students and Make Up Hours

Right now we still have students who owe hours from last semester. We have spoken with each student and emailed the parents. I wanted to make sure you know all the options our students have to make up the hours.

1. They can come to Saturday School. The hours for Saturday school are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and if needed 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. We offer Saturday School on the following dates:

March 25th

April 1st

April 22nd

April 29th

May 6th

May 13th

May 20th

2. They can make up the hours with a teacher before or after school. They will need to arrange this with a teacher or our librarian and by law, it must be before or after school hours. We are not able to award hours during their normal school day. For example, if they are a senior and have 8th period off, they are able to stay for what our normal 8th period is and makeup hours because technically it is after their normal school day.

3. They can arrange to work the concession stand for softball or baseball games. These have to be coordinated through Mr. Hinson or Mr. Drinkwater and they will work through the parents who are running the concession stand for help.

Students have to be in class for 90% of the school year by Texas Law so we can award credit. Our seniors will not walk if they owe hours and haven't earned the credit due to hours. This is why we are working hard now to make sure they are (1) in school and (2) making up hours now before we get to May.

Please see Mr. Drinkwater or Mr. Hinson if you have any questions.

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One Act Play Advances to Bi-District!

On Saturday, March 4th our One Act Play traveled to Ingram Moore HS to participate in the District Competition. They were the first to take the stage at 12:00 p.m. and were absolutely wonderful! I am not the only one who thought this as they walked away as the 1st place team out of district and the following students also earned individual awards.

Best Performer - Kiersten Sauceda

All-Star Cast - Rylee Aguilar

All-Star Cast - Ella Baker

All-Star Cast - Tegan Rose

All-Star Tech Crew - Grant Baker

If you get a chance, come over for their Bi-District Competition on Thursday, March 23rd. Time is still TBD but you won't be disappointed!

Blanco FFA Teams are in the Middle of Judging Season

This past week the Blanco FFA Judging teams competed in contests at Fredericksburg, Schreiner University, and in Katy. Waking up and leaving at 4:45 in the morning isn't easy, but if you want to get better, you get on the bus!

We have teams competing in Entomology, Livestock, Veterinary Science, Meats, Poultry, and Wildlife.

Special recognition goes out to the Entomology team for two top 5 finishes(3rd at Schreiner and 5th at Fredericksburg) and the Wildlife team for their 4th place finish at Fredericksburg.

Around 50 members of the Blanco FFA are training to be on one of these 6 teams. We appreciate their hard work!

Wildlife Team

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Entomology Team

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Livestock Team

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Vet Science Team

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Golf Updates

2nd place @ the Wimberley Invitational

Stone 82 (5th place individual with scorecard playoff)

Estevan 82

Wyatt 83

Jaxson 87

Mitchell 89

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BHS Spring Final Exam Exemption Policy

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Spring 2023 Final Exam Dates

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Scholarship Opportunities

Here is the link to our Senior and Junior Scholarships that are available. Our counselor, Ms. McLendon, keeps this website updated with the latest opportunities so keep checking back in for new scholarships.

Senior Scholarships:

Junior Scholarships:

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Enrollment Numbers (as of Friday, March 3rd)

Freshmen - 86

Sophomores - 102

Juniors - 81

Seniors - 89

Total - 358

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Update

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Helpful People to Know at Blanco High School

Principal: Patrick Hinson

Assistant Principal (Campus Behavior Coordinator): Daryl Drinkwater

Counselor: Deeanna McLendon

Academic Dean: Amy Hackebeil

Registrar: Lisa Petri