Cook Chronicles

Weekly Updates for the week of December 7th

What's Happening This Week

· Writer's Workshop:

The students are working in groups to finish researching their Woodland Indian tribe. The students will be creating a poster to share what their learned about their tribe. The groups will also create a model of the tribe's housing. If you have any craft sticks, pipe cleaners, clay, ect. that could help them create their models that would be great!

· Reader's Workshop:

We will begin our dolphin read aloud. While I am reading we will identify facts heard during the read aloud. We will also generate questions about dolphins based on a picture that is shown to them. We will start identifying facts from nonfiction text that help us to form an opinion on a topic.

· Math Workshop:

3rd Grade Math: We will be learning how to tell time to the half hour, quarter hour, and minute. The students will also learn about units of time and elapsed time.

4th Grade Math: We will continue to work with multiplication. We will learn how to use mental math to multiply and using rounding to estimate when multiplying.

· Social Studies:

We will be discussing how the original thirteen colonies grew. We will discuss why the settlers came to the new territory, how Great Britain treated the colonists, and the actions the colonists took against Great Britain. We will also discuss how American changed after the American Revolution.


To celebrate our hard work for the quarter, our class will be having a "read-in" on Friday. During our language arts time in the morning, students will be given time to find a comfortable spot in the room and curl up with a good book, their pillow OR a stuffed animal. We will take periodic reading breaks to play word games, talk about our books, and stretch.



Reading: Read for 100 minutes and complete 2 reading response questions.

Math: Practice math facts 3 times.

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: PE

Library Check Out is on Tuesday!

Upcoming CRES Events

December 17th: Music Program
December 18th: Read-In and Winter Party
December 21-January 4th: Winter Break
Scholastic Book Orders

Our class code is J2T64