Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Updates

October 12-16

Important Dates

Monday, October 12: Submit Scholastic Book Orders!

Tuesday, October 13: Social Studies Quiz on Time/History

Friday, October 16: Homework Packet Due, Spelling/Weekly Quiz

Thursday, October 22: Field Trip forms DUE

Thursday, October 29: First Grade Fall Festival (1:30-3), Pumpkin Book Reports Due

***Due to our field trip on Friday, homework packets will be due on Thursday. We will also have our spelling quiz and weekly quiz on Thursday.***

Friday, October 30: Field Trip to Hillcrest Orchards!

Heads up on this week's homework

On the last page of your child's homework packet for this week, you will see a habitat research activity. This is not a big project at all by any means, but it will be graded separately from the rest of the homework packet. Your child can pick a habitat that interests them (prairie, marsh, swamp, tundra, rain forest, forest, savannah, etc) to answer the questions and draw the habitat and its plant and animal inhabitants. This will make for a much richer discussion when we talk about land and water environments next week!

First Grade Fall Festival on October 29th!

On Thursday, October 29th, from 1:30-3, we will be having a first grade fall celebration for both Mrs. Whitlock and Ms. Selstad's classes. More information to come, including sign up and donation opportunities!

Hillcrest Orchards Trip on October 30th!

You received an email from myself and Ms. P. about our Hillcrest Orchards trip on October 30th. Hard copies of field trip forms are going home in your child's folder today. These need to be submitted with payment by Thursday, October 29. If you are interested in chaperoning, contact Ms. P at . Please note that chaperones are first come, first serve.

October Scholastic Book Orders due on Monday

On Friday of last week, I sent home flyers for the Scholastic Reading Club. It's a fun way to order books for your child while also earning points for our own class! There are many more books available to order online at

If you are ordering online, please use our class code when checking out (MK89Z). If you are using the paper form that I passed out, please return it with the items desired marked and include a check payable to Scholastic Reading Club. They will NOT take cash.

I will collect all paper forms and check through the online forms on Monday! I will place our class order that afternoon and then we should receive the books within the next two weeks.

We are observing crickets!

As we move into our chapter on living and non-living things, we will observe three crickets for a week. We caught them from outside and voted on their names: Sippy Quick, Jumpy, and George Washington. Check out our Homeroom app for some fun pictures of students recording what they have seen so far!

A Peek at Next Week...

Reading/Language Arts: We will be discussing cause and effect, writing a friendly letter, looking at the soft c and g sounds, using long A sounds, and identifying proper nouns.

Spelling Words: face, made, age, safe, make, take, cage, cake, late, name, be, could, horse, of, old, paper

Science: We will continue to observe our crickets and will look at the effects of water on plant growth. We will discuss the needs of living things and will explore various land and water environments.

Social Studies: After having our quiz on time and history, we will being our work in the community/economics unit. We will be discussing wants and needs.

Character Education: We will distinguish between kind and unkind things. We will also discuss how to use positive self-talk to help be a better learner. Keep your eye out soon for a fun Kindness Project!