3rd Grade News

What's happening in Grade 3 at Regent Park??

Mrs. Ligers

My name is Lisa Ligers and I have been a teacher at Regent Park for the past 10 years in a variety of roles. I am absolutely thrilled to be teaching Grade 3 this year and I am really looking forward to a successful year with your child! It is of utmost importance that we work together so that your child will reach their full potential this year. Communication will be a key part of that success so please feel free to contact me anytime. I read agendas every day and I will include important information in them so please check them nightly. You are also welcome to phone me at the school (705) 326-7481 or email me at lligers@scdsb.on.ca


During the month of September we've been working on the concept of number and place value. To support your child at home with the concepts we are learning in class, it would be helpful for you to engage in conversation related to ordering numbers and have students explain to you what makes one number bigger than another. For example, when reading the newspaper and a book, use numbers in context to discuss the number and it's size in relation to other numbers. Within the next two weeks, we will be starting data management. During that unit students will learn to collect, display and organize data through the use of graphs.


Our class has been learning how to create imaginative narratives over the past couple of weeks. One way to support your child at home would be to make up a story together using the elements of a narrative (setting, characters, problem, resolution) through oral storytelling. Your child will have weekly spelling words that you can help them with at home and we are working on the concept of reading independently and how to make good book choices.

Gym, Arts and Science

Mrs. Thompson will be teaching Arts and Science to our class this year and will be joining us three times a week for that. Mr. White will be teaching Phys. Ed. in our class twice a week for the remainder of the year.