More Than a Hero


My Hero

Michael Fallow, my maternal grandfather, and my hero. He grew up in his grandma's house with his cousins on the south side. He worked his way through college and with perseverance bought and converted companies working his way up the capitalism ladder from very humble beginnings.


A hero is someone who defies cowardice, and with full awareness and willingness, risks

life and limb for their fellow man, woman, and child and the continuation of good

worldwide. Winston Churchill fits this description perfectly he fought back with his fellow

countrymen the nazi threat in England's air and waters, he stood firm against Stalin and his

red army. And with wit and strength saved Europe and the world from near destruction in

The Second World War. He reminded America who to respect and who to be cautious of

and most of all he was a beacon of hope in an ever changing world of oppression and war.

Winston Churchill is my hero for all those reason and because he with being under

constant threat remained not only cool-headed and humors, merciful and just, but

remained strong and helpful, to his fellow English and to his fellow man across the globe.

Winston Churchill is a hero because he fended off not only the nazis, but fear in his

country, and kept the moral of his citizens high with his strong leadership. He kept

capitalism and the economy booming during the Second World War with having people not

only able but willing to work jobs and move quickly and effectively to protect their nation.

Mark Davis stated through his article "Long before Ronald Reagan, Churchill adopted the

Roman emperor Hadrian's maxim '" "peace through strength"--as his policy"(1). As one can

see Winston Churchill was strong and knew how to keep the peace. He was a hero in his

own time and is still now with saving his country and continuing the help of all people

wether they be poor or rich because they all had to help rebuild their broken homes, their

broken families, their broken country.

A hero in my everyday life is my grandfather and in many ways he does remind me of

Winston Churchill. My granddad was an amazing businessman he loved capitalism and he

made a living off of starting from the bottom. Churchill may not have started from the

bottom but he still was a fighter of freedom and capitalism. As well, they both not only

worked all day to fix problems, but once they were finished with them they moved on to

the next solution. They are both so great not because they could fill everyone around them

with humor and happiness, but their presences could both tell you that they mean

business and will won't listen or take anything that impeaches upon anything of their good

nature. So because they are both strong of heart and nature in many ways they are both


If my untouchable hero was to give me advice, he would tell me to not fear anything.

He would tell me to persist in everything I do little or big, short or long, to persist. He would

tell me though most of all, to never sell your self short with wits, strength, knowledge, or

anything in your life, and that is why Winston Churchill is my hero.

What is a Hero

When you think about a hero, lists of jobs such as firemen, being in the army, or a

brain surgeon, probably come to mind. Some specific heroes do too, such as Welles

Crowther, Martin Luther King, or Malala. Merriam Webster dictionary defines a hero as: a

person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. This is very true, but heroes

are far more than just that. A hero is someone who defies cowardice, and with full

awareness and willingness, risks life and limb for their fellow man, woman, and child and

the continuation of good worldwide.

A hero is a fireman who rushes into a burning building to save a hurt young child.

Imagine a house about to come down at anytime. Smoke and flames reaching every room

and everybody. Consider no one going into the house for fear of their own lives, yet one

man does. That man is a firefighter who risks his own life for his fellow man, woman or

child. Running into a burning building is clearly heroic. Not only would no one else do so

but the fireman is putting the strangers life in front of there own. As well as that, they are

the entire time knowing that are going to help this person no matter the risk. As one can

see a fireman is clearly a hero because he is fearless in the face of fear, stone cold in the

face of danger, and standing strong in the face of death.

A hero is also an adult or child speaking out against what's wrong with risk of their own

lives. There was a young girl by the name of Malala who spoke out against the Taliban.

Malala was shot in the head and almost died. That, though did not discourage her from

doing what's right and speaking out against injustice against not only woman but all of

humans. So because she did what was right no matter the cost no matter the pain she is a


Anyone is able to tell that no matter who someone is they still can be a hero, like the

fireman or Malala. Anyone can be a hero if they just put others in front of themselves no

matter the cost. So many people are able to become a hero but only a select few do and

not just say. Think about a hero in your life, he or she may remind you of the fireman or

Malala or just any other hero that comes to mind. All in all everyone is called to be a hero

but if you truly wish to become one you must act on a situation not just talk about it.

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