John Bell

Former Senator from Tennessee


Bell began his career first a democrat and then a Whig, was a member of the House of

Representatives, Secretary of State, and Senator from Tennessee. Voted against the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

What was John Bell's Slogan?

John Bell, a representative of the new Constitutional Union Party, won the support of Upper South states hoping to disable the emergency with a platform of "the Union as it is and the Constitution as it is."

What was John Bell's view on slavery?

As per party line, would not state whether for or against the spread of slavery – only wanted to keep the Union flawless.

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What was John Bell's view on Southern secession?

Bell, perhaps sensing that his anti-secession position would not be well received, declined to attend the meeting and sent a written message, expressing his anti-secession views.
John Bell-Election of 1860

One political backer

No one!!!


  • Born: February 18, 1796, Nashville, TN
  • Died: September 10, 1869
  • Education: Cumberland University ,University of Nashville
  • Political Party: Know Nothing, National Republican Party, etc.