PLAEA February Network

Let's get better together

Instructional Coaches, Administrators, & Teacher Leaders

Networks are for learning from one another, providing support for one another, sharing information with one another, and cultivating a community of learners who assist each other to grow professionally.

Instructional Coaches' Network

8:30-11:30 a.m. Feb. 9

PLAEA office in Pocahontas

Participants can/will:

  • Articulate the importance of self-efficacy and teacher collective efficacy for advancing teaching and learning.
  • Utilize a coaching tool to support growth in teacher efficacy that impacts learning.
  • Learn from each other’s successes and challenges to advance your coaching practices and resolve challenges.

Teacher Leader & Administrator Network

12:15-3 p.m.

PLAEA office in Pocahontas


Literacy: 12:15-3:00

Participants can/will coach around the literacy shifts with a focus on reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from the text.

Math: 12:15-3:00

Participants can/will:

  • understand how the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP) are essential to the climate and success of a mathematics classroom.
  • explore the SMP through an authentic problem solving activity that highlights pedagogy that allows for multiple entry points as well as using “wonder and notice” strategies.
  • discuss how to plan for and coach teachers to create and implement use of SMP for optimal learning and engagement.

Technology: 12:15-3:00

Participants will be able to understand how effective technology integration includes aligning the instructional process with the appropriate technologies.


Contact Jaymie Randel, PLAEA Coaching Coordinator.