Identiy and Realationships

Post Unit Reflection

Informed Conscience

Your Conscience is that little voice inside you that tells you if what you are doing is good or wrong. To have an informed conscience one must

Teaching about Contraceptives

The Catholic Church believes that sexual intercourse is for only married couples and that sexual act are ment to be unitive and procreative.

Since contraception stops the procreative component of their belief they believe that contraception is bad.

Teaching on Sexual Intimacy

The Catholic Church teaches that sexual intimacy is a gift and includes the physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of person. And is ment to be unitive and procreative

What is Important in a Healthy Relationship

In a healthy relationship it is important both people trust and respect each other, and that they are able to communicate and talk about any problems they have. That they are able to talk about and get over any problems or arguments that they have.

Also that they care for each other and that they enjoy each others compony and doing things together, but are also able to spend time apart and not be dependent on having the other person with all the time.