Superintendent Update

Caldwell Parish Schools

Greetings Team Caldwell!

February has definitely been an eventful month. We have opened up the discussion of restructuring our elementary schools, which has led to some challenging conversations on both sides. Change is difficult and we understand that. However, it is a conversation worth having when we are tasked with providing the best possible education for all of our students.

We appreciate hearing the pros, cons and possible solutions from all of you. This information lets us know where you stand as well as ways we can adjust and build a plan that works for everyone. We appreciate those who have come to the table to design a plan that sets the idea up for success. In the end, the board will make the final decision, and we will work hard to either implement the plan or go back to the drawing table in the current structure.

Last week brought us to the frightening reality that our community is not exempt from the threat of school violence. We are very thankful that our schools have safety protocols in place and that students speak up when they are concerned. We encourage students and parents to come forward and report any information that they may have when they have reason to suspect a potential safety issue involving any of our schools.

Even in the midst of trials, we are blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. We will get through this together because that is what we do. We appreciate your support, your voice and your genuine concern for the students of Caldwell Parish.

Nicki McCann, Superintendent

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Teacher Spotlights

Early Childhood Spotlight

Early Literacy plays a crucial role in the success of a child. The lack of stimulating literacy activities can be a profound challenge and impact a child’s success. Our goal is to help children in our programs to develop a rich vocabulary and have a strong sense of phonological awareness when they enter kindergarten. Here you can see the work that teachers are doing to insure that families and students are prepared. Family Literacy Night

Elementary Spotlight

Mrs. Springfield’s Kindergarten class are working with their partners to create subtraction stories using gummy bears. After creating their story, students solved their problems using number bonds and number sentences.

Kinder Math Video

Secondary Spotlight

Mrs. Fontenot’s math class identifies mastery level work while evaluating exponents.

Mrs. Fontenot's math class

CTE Spotlight

Mrs. Crawford’s JAG class does a gallery walk to discuss case studies that explore skills they have been discussing in their Job Savvy unit. Crawford Video

Student Support Spotlight

Making Pizza to learn about writing a sequence.

Ms. Jones

Literacy Spotlight

This year, the Caldwell Parish School District initiated a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), a proactive and preventative framework that integrates data and instruction to maximize student achievement. It’s a framework used to give targeted support to struggling students. MTSS is designed to help schools identify struggling students early and intervene quickly. Individual student's progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention based on data. The main goal of this meeting is to ensure students at a greater level of risk are receiving support and making progress. District Leaders, school administrators, and teachers come together to discuss progress, concerns, and develop next steps to monitor and support our students. Through this process we have seen great literacy gains with our students.

Technology Tips for Teachers

Technology Update

Reminder for teachers - when you are unable to access a website that you usually can access, remember to go to and login. Also be sure your Google account is set to sync. These two items can prevent you reaching your usual sites and may have to be done periodically. Please do this before you contact IT support with these types of issues. Thank you!

CPSB YouTube

Click this link to check out the CPSD YouTube Channel. You can watch school board meetings as well as other school and district events.

Social Emotional Tips for Teachers & Staff

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness resources for students:

Why kids need mindfulness-Great article with the why behind this practice

50 mindful activities for students-Links to some easy activities for students

Nature sounds-If you are intimidated by mindful practices -try beginning lessons with 2 minutes of calm music or nature sounds from YouTube.

Mindfulness resources for teachers:

Why do adults need Mindfulness -Article about why YOU need to practice mindfulness

Headspace-Great resource if you are interested in seeing what mindful practices are about.

The Teacher Corner

Are you interested in teaching/working at our Accelerate Summer Camp 2023?

Read more about Summer Camp opportunities and complete the application here!

2023 CPSD Summer Programs Letter

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Student Life

2023 Accelerate T-Shirt Design Contest

Good morning Camp Caldwell!

Believe it or not, we are already in the planning phases for Caldwell Parish 2023 Accelerate Summer Learning Camp. Last year we involved our students in the planning process by holding our first annual summer camp t-shirt design contest. This contest was such a huge success, we decided to once again hold a contest for the 2023 Accelerate Summer Camp T-Shirt design. We are making this contest available for all students K-12 just like the Summer 2022 contest because you never know who will emerge as talented artists or designers.

All who are interested in designing this year’s camp t-shirt should submit their idea/drawing on an 8x11 sheet of paper using our 2023 theme of “Camp Caldwell” by Friday, March 2, 2023.(Think outdoor camping with tents, wildlife, campfires and outdoor fun!) Individual student submissions are due to me at the school board office via interoffice mail or hand delivery. Please ensure the student’s full name, grade, and school are written on the back right hand corner of the paper.

All entries will be displayed in the hallway of the school board office. A panel of judges will select the winning design by Friday, March 10th. Once the winning t-shirt design is selected, the student will be recognized by the school district, be presented with a $50 gift card of their choice and of course have their design on the 2023 Accelerate Summer Camp t-shirt. I can’t wait to see the ideas and designs! I know we will be amazed by your talent!

Thank you for your support and participation,

Kim Adams

Elementary Director

Caldwell Parish School District

CPHS Boys Basketball Team headed to Round 2!

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